Pandoran shot at my invisible troops

I just had 2 Pandorans (an Arthron and a Triton) shoot at my infiltrator troops.
Once my turn came back, I checked each one of my soldiers and they still had this “eye with a slash in it” at the top of the screen meaning that the should still be invisible (no ?).

So I wonder how this could happen…

  • the Pandorans were something like 8 tiles away of my closest soldier (so outside of hearing range ?)
  • my soldiers have the augment that makes all weapons silent
  • none had either opened a door, fallen of some height or broken a window

Bug ? And it seems that the Pandorans still know where all our soldiers are all the time even the non revealed ones as soon as they are alerted.

Things like that already annoyed me back then before I stopped playing, still not fixed ?

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And again.
A Forsaken, far from the soldier he shoots on (so far he doesn’t land a bullet) and of course my soldier is still “cloaked” once it’s my turn to play.

And again…
This time it was even more obvious. I extracted everybody but one inflitrator that hadn’t ever been revealed.
The forsaken reinforcements closed in on him like they knew all the time where he was. One of them lobbed a grenade directly on him and sent pistol shots from a distance (1/3 hits) and the other one shotgunned from a distance too.
Each time when it came back to my turn, I always had the “25% stealth” that infiltrator gives until being revealed. It’s nonsense.

But this time I thought about F10, so I hope you find why it happens.

It seems like if there is no character that is revealed, they will simply target the non revealed ones (who cares if it’s cheating ?).

Its happening to me too, it wasnt last time i played (about when dlc 3 were released)
Just had one guy with 95% stealth, didnt take any shots with him, only moved and he got shot by a sniper from half across the map. He wasnt revealed and there were no enemies near him.

I think this might have something to do with hearing.
@MadSkunky & @VOLAND understand this better than I do.

It may be like that. AI is a mess. At some point there is probably no condition to check all variables and enemies follow their typical activities despite they should not.

It would mean, that your stealthy units are only safe when none of your units was spotted, when none of the enemies were allerted.

Yeah, also had at least one very suspicious case when unrevealed Infiltrator was fired at (first turn, did only move without breaking windows/etc).

Yep, it’s going to force me to dig deep and debug what’s happening myself. I had planned something else.

And hearing triggers when an enemy enters within 5 tiles (I believe they don’t have the +10 tiles hearing perk) or if it breaks a window, falls from some height, opens a door (if I remember correctly).
I have the team ready, I already have the “pp-infiltrator” mod that I had done (that I need to upgrade for Hypnos) to debug visibility so I have fun hours ahead…

Other than that I feel like the geoscape side of the game is perfect (except that the Pandorans always attack where my airships need 25 hours to go). And I plan to play my next game without Legacy of the Ancients because it’s seriously broken (full Rebuke team is kind of unfair).


Does it also mean jumping over small objects? Like windows in NJ havens or small boxes which are on the way?

So I did 2 missions since then with my mod installed … here are the results …

First one was “shopping” at Synedrion for an airship. Once alerted they tend to come in my direction but the only times they took shots against me was when one of my operative was “located”. Both snipers took a potshot and missed. Other than that, they would just move hoping to reveal me. By the way, the airship you steal is considered like an enemy (I guess) and you get “revealed” once standing next to it.
When “located” you still keep your “cloaked” vision (without my mod you don’t know that they actually “hear” where you are).

The second one was a scavenging site against Pandorans. First guy I moved and my whole team got “located” (??!!???). So I “vanished” everyone and it was OK for the rest of the turn. Second turn, the same thing, so I killed the Chiron to see if it was him with an infinite hearing range and vanished everyone again. Third turn, still the same but this time I killed the mist sentinel and after turn 4 everything was fine.
So it would seem that the “mist sentinels” have some kind of power that locates your whole team once one of your operatives moves.
Still, in this one, a sniper triton decided to shoot at one of my operatives although my operative status was neither “located” nor “revealed” when my turn ended and when my next turn started … strange.

I guess that when they are alerted, they “hear” one of the enemies what ever happens (just like we ear them on the other side of the map when looking for the last one to kill on Ancients maps). Annoying, that means that a Chiron will always have a target location to send worms … or hell. Maybe this behavior is triggered once you finished your objectives and just need to evac…

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In fact I checked this also during my time on those missions and only opening doors and breaking windows triggered the “located” status.

Does your research explain situations from first posts? Because I don’t know the cases exactly.

For the first time, yes, since apparently a “mist sentinel” would have “located” all my operatives so the crabmen took potshots at my operatives, hitting only once but still seemed odd at the time. I need to debug more to actually see what triggers that exactly but it explains.

For the Forsaken that were following my operative and taking potshots, it may be that once the objective is complete, they “locate” a random enemy on the map (and I had only one soldier left, I felt so safe at the time :wink: ). So they took potshots too. Need to dig deeper, but it seems that it’s something like that. You are “located” somehow, without changing your actual status to “located” it would seem.


Maybe this special ‘located’ (not revealed) when objectives are done is only active at the start of the enemy turn and stops immediately with the start of the players turn?

Interesting results anyway!
What I can say is that all sentinels have a high ‘detection’ range. Maybe mist sentinels even over the whole map. If I’m not wrong then they always get triggered even when they are on the other side of the map. From normal, not stealthy game play aspect it doesn’t matter that much because they will do their mist thing anyway, but from looking at detection it would be a huge problem IMO.

So … the Mist Sentinels have an ability that is called “Surveillance”.
What it does is that once one of your operative moves, it triggers its mist generation (for next turn) and also “locates” all of your operatives.
Same thing in a Nest with Hatching sentinels except that this time it’s only when you come in range (and only for your operative in range).

However, there is an other problem in nests :smiley: . Your operatives get revealed if they move within 5 tiles of eggs (even if you destroyed them). It would seem that an egg is a “Container” actor but even destroyed is not considered dead.


They have bottomless roots.

Going through that range is enough, unit doesn’t have to stop there?

Indeed, if you destroy the bottom of the egg (that is non targetable but you can do it with free aim). Then it is gone and your operatives aren’t detected. Who would have guessed that the roots of the egg would detect you (being non targetable).
It has a perception of 5 and I’m not sure if it is a feature or a bug (certainly not intuitive for players at least).

Now I don’t know if you are joking or not.

If only. I actually tested it again and it really works this way.
The egg sits on some kind of nest.
When you destroy the egg, the “nest” remains in place and, though it’s not targetable, it will “reveal” any operative you send close to it.
Therefore, if you want to remain “hidden”, you have to manually aim and destroy this “nest”.

The fact that it is not targetable makes me think that it’s an unwanted behavior by the devs (and therefore a bug). The “nest” is seen as a live object that has a perception value and therefore can “reveal” us.


Lol. So my joke turns out to be true… I need to see it for myself. :rofl: