How to produce mutagens from captured pandorans?

I have that technology, and each mutalab gives me + 1 / day, but the price of each mutation starts at 100!
I already caught about 5-10 aliens (by the way, where can I check the exact number of prisoners and the capacity of the prison?), But I have no idea how to squeeze them out …
And how many PP bases did you usually find on the globe? I have 4, almost everything is scanned, including the Antarctic (ok, there is a bit left to Australia), but the search request for bases is still hanging …

Personnel / Containment Tab - you can kill them there to get mutagens.

I’m not sure if there is any at the moment. Definitely we can’t check it anywhere.

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Thanks! It was so on time! I immediately received more than 1300 mutagens (By the way, the capacity of one containment is 10 slots, which is equal to 5 arthons), and therefore I was able to re-fill both my containments from one nest :slight_smile: So now I have 2400 mutagens!

AFAIK, each containment facility can hold 10 slots worth of aliens. I believe that the aliens in containment also list how many slots they take up.

Yes, I just missed that tab. Now, actually, I got another problem - how to get more sirens? All my battles on Geoscape now (ambushes, scavenges, nests and heavens’ sieges) contain exclusively arthrones with brainsuckers, or 4-handed, and that’s all. I’ve been trying to grow a hive from nests for a week, but I just can’t find anyone with psychic ability for a quest.