Virophage PX Gungnir SR-2

Who tested the virophage sniper rifle? Does it have a prospect of use? What is her trick? All other developments (acid, viral, laser, pierce, shredder) have lost in efficiency vs a combination of the basic ‘Mercy’, ‘Cyclops’, ‘Fury’ and ‘VDM Defender’, I’m still waiting for some technical progress, except magical mutations)

I used Gungnir for one battle. It is making 60 damage (about 40 after armor) and that’s all! So what is the trick for that price?

Probably it’s mechanic isn’t implemented yet. I think it should have some additional effect like virus, acid and poison, but it is still not yet there.

I have the tech to build it but i miss the DNA , where should i find it?

I guess you already have a containment. Does this mean that you, like me before, do not know how to squeeze a mutagen out of aliens? Fortunately, Yokes already answered:

I have a containment with many Arthrons and Tritons, what you can get without the paralyzing rifle, i’ll try killing one and see what happens. I tought i needed some tech before being able to squeeze DNA from aliens, it isnt the same than squeezing sauce from tomatoes i think.

They called it ‘dismantle’ button, but ‘squeeze’ is more juicy, I think)