How to play Custom Campaign outside of Steam

Yesterday we released our showcase custom campaign mod on Steam Workshop. We know that many players wanted to play this mod but do not have Steam version so here are instructions how to play this mod outside of Steam:

Step 1: Get mod enabler

Download this mod enabler: GitHub - SnapshotGames/PPModEnabler: Enable mod integration for non-Steam versions of Phoenix Point (win64 only).

Direct download link:

Extract this file into root folder of your Phoenix Point Installation.

Step 2: Get Custom Campaign mod

Download from here: Release Hastur Release · SnapshotGames/PPCustomCampaign · GitHub

Direct download link:

Extract into Mods folder in your Phoenix Point installation.

Step 3: Launch the game

Launch Phoenix Point. There will be Mods option in the main menu. From there you can activate and customize Custom Campaign. Then launch campaign in a usual way (New game from in-game main menu)


Mod description from Steam Workshop page:

This example mod includes additional options for those looking to customize new campaigns. Options are accessible in mod settings for further customization.

After subscribing to this mod (and any other mod) you need to restart your game for the mod to appear.

Changes will be part of the campaign’s save, and changing mod settings will not affect already started/saved campaigns.

Options available in the mod include:

  • Increase the number of Starting Resources available or set it to 0 for no resources as the ultimate challenge.
  • Increase or decrease the Tactical Difficulty separately from the overall Geoscape difficulty level. Note, that Alien Evolution Speed will be in sync with this value.
  • Adjust the Mission Threat level
  • Set how many Starting Soldiers you begin the game with.
  • Increase, decrease or turn off the timer around the human population loss.
  • Set a faster or instant speed for manufacturing items.
  • Toggle whether weapons require ammo, though reloading is still required.
  • Adjust the Ambush chance when exploring points of interest, or set to 0 for no ambushes.
  • Set how often haven defenses will be attacked by Pandorans, or set to 0 for no haven attacks.

(Default values for % based settings are 100% / Default values for modifiers are 0)

For more modding help or to ask questions, please visit our Discord at:

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Detailed explanation of some options:

Starting Resources (in %):

Default starting resources for various difficulty levels are following:
Rookie: 200 Tech, 800 Materials 400 Food
Veteran: 150 Tech, 600 Materials 300 Food
Hero: 100 Tech, 500 Materials 200 Food
Legend: 80 Tech, 400 Materials 200 Food

You can increase (by setting number higher than 100) or decrease (by setting number lower than 100) amount of starting resources via mod settings.

Tactical difficulty modifier:

When you start a new game without this mod or with this mod and 0 in tactical difficulty modifier on for example Veteran you will get Veteran difficulty for both Geoscape and Tactical.

Changing this number allows you to have different difficulties for Geoscape and Tactical.
Geoscape difficulty is going to be the one you choose when starting a new campaign and tactical difficulty can be modified via tactical difficulty modifier. Changing its number to 1 means that your tactical difficulty will be one difficulty level higher than the Geoscape difficulty. -1 means tactical difficulty will be one level lower than Geoscape difficulty.


You want to play the game with Veteran Geoscape difficulty but Legend Tactical difficulty. Set Tactical difficulty modifier to 2 and start the game on Veteran.

You want to play the game with Hero Geoscape difficulty but Rookie Tactical difficulty. Set Tactical difficulty modifier to -2 and start the game on Hero.

Mission threat level modifier:

Most of the missions are using threat level. There are 4 threat levels: low, medium, high and extreme.
Inputting 1 into Mission threat level modifier means that every mission that is using threat levels will be one level higher than it would normally be. -1 means that every mission will be one level lower.


If you set this number to 3 then every single mission in the game that is using threat levels will be an extreme threat level mission.

If you set this number to -3 then every single mission in the game that is using threat levels will be a low threat level mission.

Starting soldiers modifier:
Once again this modifies the default setting of difficulty level that you choose when starting a new campaign.

Default number of starting soldiers for difficulty levels:
Rookie: 6
Veteran: 5
Hero: 4
Legend: 4


You want to play Rookie with 12 starting soldiers: Input 6 into starting soldiers modifier and start the game on Rookie.

You want to play Legend with 1 starting soldier: Input -3 into starting soldiers modifier and start the game on Legend.

Minimum number of starting soldiers is 1 and maximum is 25.

Human population lost:

Whenever the human population is lost it is modified by the % number you input here.


If you set it to 1000 you will automatically lose the game in about 2 weeks purely because of the haven starvation as its effects on population meter are ten times bigger.

If you set it to 50 then the minimum possible value for the population meter is 50% because when all the population dies it will affect the population meter by just half of the real value.


Thank you for this.

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Brilliant. Modders will keep this game alive for a few more years with this kind of love.
I and others suggested ages ago that the game needed granularity for set up to give players the options for the type of game they want. Well done guys. I hope you are able to add where you feel it’s worth it as this has such potential.
Hopefully there are some modders out there that can also make alterations to missions, such as keeping Pandorans at the end of a mission after mind controlling them. I can’t tell you the words I’ve used when the mission finishes and that Scylla you’ve nearly died to capture doesn’t show because they were Mind Controlled. This is just one example which make no sense and does nothing for the player or the game. Such a silly oversight by the developers probably lost many players due to the frustration levels. If these kind of things can be addressed by modders, there’s a chance the game gets a second life.
So here’s a big thank you for all you modders.