Terror from the Void without Steam

I purchased PP at full retail upon release and paid full price for all the expansions to support the game.

Am I understanding this correctly?

If I have PP through the EPIC store I can not play terror from the Void unless I repurchase the game and all mods through Steam?

You can play Terror from the Void via Epic Game Store game. As well as on GoG.

  1. Remove Modnix if you have used it via the Revert button, then remove the “Mods” -quick icon from the game folder.
  2. Download the official mod tool from the github page: Releases · SnapshotGames/PPModEnabler · GitHub
  3. Then download the latest release of the mod from it’s github page: Releases · Voland163/TFTV · GitHub
  4. And extract the tool, which creates the Mods folder -into the game install folder, aka the folder that has the PhoenixPointWin64.exe -folder in it. Then Make a TVTF folder into the Mods subfolder, and then extract the content of the mod package into that folder you created.
  5. Start the game and you see a “MODS” interface button in the game. Go there, activate the mod, make sure you then edit the mod settings, and the quit the game one time. And restart the game- this last thing will make sure that all your settings set in the setup you did actually take effect and now you can play the game with the mod… or as many PPME -mods as you like to play with.
  1. You don’t have to be a Discord member to use the mod, but it will give you more appoach angle with the team, so it’s recommended. But not required ! And here’s the Discord invite:
    Phoenix Rising Mod

what is PPME?

If you look at the post above, it says " PPModEnabler". Which means Phoenix Point Mod Enabler for even longer, and short for that is PPME.

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I didn’t know that, thanks for the info

PPME means?

You have answer 3 post above. I have asked the same question and got answered.

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