Not Launching The Game 'Phoenix Point'

Good morning friends, I recently purchased this game ‘Phoenix Point’ from Steam. But friends, after completing the installation process when I try to launch the game, it does not open. I dont know whether the issue is related to the Steam or there is some kind of my computer issue. Does anyone have any idea about how can I fix it? Please help


First, I would try to verify your game installation to make sure it is installed properly. This is how you can do verification on Steam: Go into Library>right click on Phoenix Point>Properties>Local Files>Verify integrity of game files.

If it does not help could you specify what exactly it does when you try to launch it? Making a video of it might help.

It would also be helpful if you could send your log to
Logs are named Player.log and Player-prev.log and can be found here: C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\LocalLow\Snapshot Games Inc\Phoenix Point\

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As per your instruction I followed the steps, but it did not work for me. Then I searched online and came across this guide. I followed some useful methods from there. First I followed solution no 1 (Launch Steam and the game as an administrator), then performed a system restore. After doing the methods correctly, I tried to launch the game and I had no longer any issues while launching it.

Anyway thank you so much for supporting me. :blush:

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