Countdown is over; where's BB2 :D

Timer is 00:00:00 boys and girls! Where is our Backer Build 2 download the Queen’s not gonna kill herself :smiley:

Don’t have a countdown timer if you cant have it ready by the 000000 mark

Yeah here too, no mail from Xsolla.

Lol, been refeshing my e-mail non-stop since the counter finished.

Haha glad I am not the only one XD

Wonder how much longer it will be… This is getting stupid… They really need to get rid of the countdown timer or change it to show possible time to new build… Some people may have to get back to the real world, and not have much longer left to be able to play… haha

Counter mark the point when they start to send e-mails. If you have to wait then I suppose you are further on the mailing list. :wink: With backers build 1 i had to wait more than 45 minutes to get link. :wink:

With the update to BB1, I never received an email and had to contact Xsolla. I am hoping this isn’t going to be the case each time. Guess I’m going back to bed and hoping I have an email when I get up again in 4 hours.

I think no one has received an email yet

Why this thread is not in Phoenix Point category? PS. Maybe we should just check old links to the shop, and there on their page will be link to proper download? :wink:

Has it worked for you and can you play version 2.0?
I tried myself and with the links I got from Xsolla. I can only download version 1.0 or 1.2.

I found the answer to see how the next BB download would work. Now, there are only questions when this will be possible.

@UnstableVoltage Can you please tell us where is the problem?

I’m currently investigating the issue. It doesn’t look like anyone has had their email, and existing links still go to the old build. I will update as soon as I have more info.


Thanks for the reply. Could this topic be moved to the PP topic?

Yeah I accidentally made this in the wrong area. Long night XD

As this issue has been resolved and Backer Build Two has been sent out, I am closing this thread.