Alien base detection completely messed up

SInce Cthulhu you only detect bases, that are in range of a satellite uplink AND you have done a haven defense mission.

That is totally nuts, since

  1. you need to know, WHERE on the globe the base is, what you don`t known and then
  2. you must be lucky to get a haven defense mission, that you can reach and win.

I usually play with about 1 team and one sitting at my home base to defend it.
Usually I can`t even reach places in time on the other side of the world.

Please change this asap!

once you complete Phoenix Archives, you get all the Phoenix Base locations… then, you just need to activate those closest to the mist zones… Pandoran attacks come from the mist… their colonies are inside…

Louis , one team for all continents is not ideal,

you have to move on, 2-3 squads just exploring POIs and defending havens will provide a lot of resources and REP

you can’t wait in your home base in this game

I don`t have ressources enough to build an effective 2nd team!

That was never an issue befoe Cthulhu!

This is probably your real problem with this game and here I’m a bit with you. It should be somewhat easier to get at least the second team up and running. Actually it feels like a pain, mostly for me it is very expensive and with to long build times for aircrafts (if you don’t steal them).

But if you get additional teams up and running, then you have also an increased income. More teams can defend more heavens, explore more POIs in the same time and so on.
But, first you have to bring them up and running …


It wasn`t a problem before Cthulhu.

Alien colonies spawned with time on the globe.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter because before that it was largely a completely different game. I’m sorry to say that so hard …

This is actually not that much different now, but they are doing more heaven attacks then before. On the other side are the Heavens a bit better in defending these attacks by themself, so that you only have to look at these attacks that are critical.
At least in the earlier stages, later on almost any attack can’t be defended by the heavens themself.
But then you should definitely have more teams. Where the circle closes again :wink:

I want to be able to finish the game with one team like before.

I don’t think this is the way the devs will go. All what I can see goes even more in the direction that you have to build more and more teams to finish the campaign.

Then make recruits cost 1 food!

And their equipment too, as well as the aircrafts!

A bit offensive, but yes, as I said, here I’m with you. Of course not THAT cheap but something in this direction :wink:

I had always several teams in X-COM, Xenonauts.
The costs there are bearable.

But here? Full armour + weapons for 1 Soldier makes it necessary to raid one faction. Likely several times, which is a time killer.

Ah, I forgot: 2 more Manticores are necessary!: 2000 materials more…

And don’t forget:
In middle to late game your time window to react on a haven defense mission is so limited, even a third or fourth team wouldn`t have time to react.

I agree with what MadSkunky said. I’ve already posted about it on canny too about this before… resources are so scarce that you can’t create a second team and kit your soldiers in a timely manner (on veteran!). Specifically, I feel that armor costs should be toned down, as well as aircraft, as well as making it possible to buy aircraft from factions (you should pay more but wouldn’t have to wait the build time).

Also, I feel that trading makes the different resource types a bit useless, not much different than if we had only one. It’s not like you can gather one or more type of resources so you can trade for the other ones, I guess that was the idea behind food production but currently it’s not worth it. Maybe fixing this would lead to more resources available and help with the overall resource problem.

Another related problem is that now I’m getting so little HD’s that I can’t gather resources this way reliably, and also I can’t improve rep. I have bases with radars all over the world, but I’m not notified about HD’s because I only have Anu bases revealed and I can’t go exploring the world yet. Thus it was a pain to up relations with SYN but at least I could since there was one of their bases near a mist, but I can’t with NJ as there’s not a single one like that in the entirety of Africa, Europe and Asia (I’ve explored all of that and found only a few NJ havens).

So yeah, some tweaking about these things are needed.

@LouisdeFuines, having more the one team is indeed the way to go. It’s also more fun, as you’ll be able to respond to more events, even if you still can’t respond to all. Also, it forces you to experiment with different soldier builds as you won’t be able to reproduce an exactly equal team, and that’s fun too.

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That is not true. You can also reveal Pandoran bases that are not in a range of your base scan by doing Haven defense missions.

First haven defense won has 20% chance to reveal the base. Second haven defense from the same attacking base has 50% chance to reveal. Third haven defense from the same attacking base has 80% chance to reveal. Fourth has 100% chance. If the base is within the radius of a scaner it is always 100% chance.


Might be, but the whole system is unbalanced, if you only got one squad to do the missions.

Just give 2 aircrafts and 12 man squad on rookie difficulty. Then every newby can learn the game “relaxed” or those who want to feel “overpowering” should have it on this difficulty mod too.

But please do not negate the challenge at higher levels! It’s way too easy now.


Youre absolutely right, the solution seems to be quite simple, isn’t it? :wink:
Sorry, but I couldn’t resist here :grin:

Simply make recruits and weapons MUCH cheaper.

Hallo LouisdeFuines,

PP is not intended to be played with 1 team only, your goal should be to have 1 team per continent, even you will never reach it before final mission appears, so that still should be your primary goal. One of the first things i start producing is a second manticore, it has a long buld time in early game phase, so if you finish it, you should have some soldiers already. In the early game, a teamsize of 3 is ok. It is not necessary to have a teamsize of 8.

Usually i have a teamsize of 5 in late game + 1 APC per team. Its all about abusing your neightbor haven for materials, food, tech, science.

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What does the help, if later haven defense missions have only a time window of about 5-6 hours to care about?

Even with 7 teams you can`t reach them.

I always have 3 aircraft: 2 Mantircore 1 else
The 2 Manticores transport 8 soldiers for each mission.