Soldiers positioning in base defense

Haha ! Now my soldiers take position outside the base, right in front of ALL the Pandorian invasion force.
So I need to use my first turn to run inside, followed by centipede sirens who mindcontrol everybody.

Next DLC, maybe we’ll start outside, then need to run to the armory to take guns ::trollface::

Seriously : if we ‘know’ that Pandorian will attack in 12 hours (sometimes too short to comme with a ship), we would at least have a decent defensive positioning :confused:

I think is meant this way:
Your soldiers sit in their base, making barbecue and relaxing all day long in a garden chair when suddenly out of nothing the aliens attack - so run, Rudolph, run !!!

Same thing with waking up and alarm clock :

  • 12 hours ? We have tiiiime. Gimme that sausage :stuck_out_tongue:
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OMG I have so many issues with how these base defense missions work. Not only do they start your troops just scattered all over, usually with about three of them standing RIGHT in front of the aliens, but so far in my campaign the aliens all come clumped up, huddled around a lift or some other type of entry point.

Now, this wouldn’t be such a big deal except, they also put my heavy right next to them. So naturally, I just used the three troops I had there to grenade the shit out of the ENTIRE group of invading aliens. So what would have been a HIGH threat attack quickly was whittled down to two crab guys with broken claws and another who was so panicked he didn’t know what to do.

It’s just a super flawed system.


Haven’t seen base defense mission yet but those sound really broken and hilarious at the same time.

Can scylla be part of the attack team? Does it fit? What about chirons?

Didn’t see them in base attack yet. But scylla may have a hard day trying to pass through the massive concrete gate.
…Or maye be the massive concrete gate may have a hard day with a scylla goatseing through…

For me, it is a decent positioning. I much more appreciate them being outside than at the far end of the base. Anyway, here is a tip for you.

  1. Build an Armadillo (ARM)
  2. Round one - move ARM toward the entrance and run all soldiers behind the door
  3. Round two -all soldiers behind the door, block the door with ARM
  4. Round three - unblock the door with ARM, peak out with soldiers, shoot aliens, run back and block the door with ARM again
  5. Round four to X - repeat step three
    TIP: Build towers in front of ARM
    TIP: Use technician to repair the ARM
    TIP: Watch the saddest face on tritons you will ever see

All of that is null and void when they put your armadillo at the far back end of the hangar, and it doesn’t actually have space to move out lol. That’s exactly where they placed mine.

Just place soldiers in the hangar. Neither outside nor in the bottom of the base. After, anyone do whatever they want.

You have just enough covers in the hangar to protect intrusion. Pandorians come, die, then can return to the biomass.


I had some fun actions from the tritons, by the way : they ignored all the fight, sneak between chaos and bullets just to go in my base and break infrastructures.

I think it’s a decent strat for a base invasion :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I actually see as a problem :smiley: The morals of the soldiers who can’t even clean a fckn floor so a tank can go through!!!