How to defeat the final boss guide(my only way)(spoiler alert)

l disagree,l find it very difficult not to have a priest with psychic ward ability,because the mark of the void can deal up to 100 to 200 damage on a single unit in one turn,even using the medkit every round,my single troop quickly ran out of medkit and die,plus the tentacles wall that is blocking your shots making you need to flank the final boss in close range and not to forget the boss have 9600 hp, without the priest (psychic ward),the boss will wipe out your troops faster than you kill it.

@noules when you say infiltrator/sniper, do you mean spec the infiltrator as a heavy to have rage burst or do you spec sniper tree?

It sounds to me as if stealth is sort of an easy way to cheese the game efficiently; in the later stages of the game I started losing 1-2 units in really big fights. Not enough to cause a losing cascade but it was getting worriesome. Maybe stealth is the way to have an “easy time” instead of slogging through tons of missions?

Is there some way to save scum for thief? I tried saving right before hiring but it seems to have locked in the name and traits already at that point.

How do you get a gorgon’s eye?

I didn’t have a priest for the last mission (all three times I did it) and lost 0 characters to the mark (explosive chiron on the other hand, did actually kill a character…). I just kept my units spread out since the mark damages characters around the marked one, not the marked one itself. I don’t think I took a single point of damage from the mark effect.

I used actual sniper class. Heavy with rage burst should work fine too (and having a mix is probably technically better) but I prefer having quick shots for somewhat better mobility, and pistol to deal with worms (which are probably the biggest problems besides explosive chirons); not having jump jets I think makes the heavy a bit less preferable overall.

You can save scum a little bit at the beginning. You get random characters to start when starting the game without playing the tutorial (if you do play the tutorial, one of the characters, Lise, seems to always have Thief). You can just restart until you get a character (or two) with Thief to give a leg up on getting Thief infiltrators when you get the tech.

Gorgon’s Eye is a late game Phoenix tech, though I believe you also need Technician tech from NJ.

Is there a strong incentive to get to Allied status with any faction? Yes I’m aware you get to research their tech tree but is there anything with any of them that is supremely worth the time investment? I made it to the final mission without allying anyone and it sounds to me like the infiltrator stuff doesn’t need special tech.

Well one of the incentives is getting access to their endings. Actually does anyone know what happens if you just stall long enough? Can the factions execute their own ending solution without PP?

The 3 factions cannot without phoenix point execute the final mission,they are going to still enjoying in their heaven,untill the Pandora virus wipe them out or the Pandora virus reach 100% in the ODI indicator,then it is game over for them

I escaped this topic until I actually did the final mission myself. Glad I had a priest with me, I got a great surprise of seeing that my soldiers were taking 0 damage from “mark of the void”.

At one point I had a marked soldier outside of the priest’s range and he didn’t take any damage. So I guess it confirms that only soldiers within 5 tiles of the marked soldier take damage. As long as you spread your troops enough it should be OK.

I had 3 infiltrators at 85% stealth for the mission (no thief). Got revealed once or twice only and they do enormous damage with “iconoclast”.

By the way, since it is the last mission I dumped all the spare PP points I had in speed and willpower beforehand (guess it could be in the guide).

The final boss is hidden behind 4 “walls” with only one of them lowered on each turn. So I guess that if you bring two infiltrators on each side one of the middle walls drops and you can rage burst the boss from the gate at the start. The infiltrators themselves do incredible damage to the boss with “iconoclast” - 600 per shot.

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+1 that - I got the same 0 dmg (on spread-out soldiers) even without a priest - felt like a bug, honestly, as this made the final fight trivial, as the final boss had no other way to harm me.

Indeed, once past the guardians it’s just a cake walk. Only long to kill but no real difficulty.
The boss does have 90 WP and an ability to panic. But when I arrived close to it, it was at 0. So pretty armless.

At least at the 2nd level of difficulty even the guardians were not hard. 1 infiltrator to scout; 5 fast, high-will assaults w/ shotguns; a heavy with rage shot and a harrower; a sniper with mark for death; and a priest. Check info on opponents to figure out where to dash to for clean kills. Kill enough to panic the rest, then stop. Priest to panic/MC one or two. Took 3 rounds of that. Then replenished will for long dashes to kill high HP sirens, clearing map before starting on final boss, who did surprisingly little. Only one mark that I noticed (perhaps because bosses will was 0/90 and never refreshed?).

Used rage burst on queens.
Then ran priest in the middle of their troops. With a will of 27, he was able to kill everybody with mindcrush and still have about 12 willpower at the end.
Use infiltrator/assault to finish other panicking units with shotguns.

Wierd. I stayed at range and the blocking tentacle drops every few rounds. That and the walls block the Chiron shots made this pretty easy.

Anything gets close just use the Hero chick to scare or aoe them…

Apparently the priest tactic no longer works as mark of the void now damages regardless of the priests psychic ward ability.

Constant cheese from the devs.

It’s pure, or “void” damage, it’s not psychic damage.

Here is how it works: