Restarting after 72 hours of my gameplay progress (my big mistake must read)


The reason:

(Never focus on one limited build for each class have more variety build for different situation) and (the unbalanced boss enemy of course)

l cannot beat the unbalanced and overpower final boss call the yuggothian receptacle not with my previous sniper build,the boss is too overpower for me even playing in easy mode,my 5 snipers are assault double class because l like the dash and return fire ability,l should have choose the heavy double class because of the overpower rage burst ability without it,l don’t stand a chance against the final boss,since the faction started the faction genocide war ,the war destroyed most of the heaven,because of that l cannot recruit new snipers to replace the old one and there is no way to undo and restart your solider abilities like xcom 2.

l have to restart the game to build a squad of sniper with the rage burst ability to beat the final boss

If you are interested to know why the boss is so annoying, unbalanced and unbeatable click this link

lf you are reading this,l am reminding you to build a squad of snipers with the heavy double class and learn the rage burst ability now if you want to stand a chance against the final boss and finish the story mode.

l will never regret restarting the game,even if l have to do it again,because mistake is where l learn and grown to be better than before,the bigger the mistake,the bigger l learn

Wish me luck starting again

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Alternatively, never limit your options to just one very niche and limited approach and instead ensure you have a range of tools that fill specific niches available to you if the need arises.

You have a huge roster capacity and there is nothing stopping you from having a range of options available to tap into when needed.

Thanks for tips, mistake learned,l would build more different class ability build for more different situation,instead of one limited build for each class

I did beat him with mostly Snipers, though. 5 sniper/infiltrator and the rest infiltrator/assault. 100% damage boost from infiltrator was enough, luckily. I think you could have done it too eventually even without the damage boost.

With “not limiting options” you will eventually end up with what everyone plays: sniper/heavy.

So far in my campaigns I’ve never felt the need to do that combination, can’t see it happening as I also have felt no need for a infiltrator which some seem to feel is mandatory, but we’ll see.

l guess l should have recruited more 100% stealth inflitrator in the start than just one,l thought just one would be enough,l was wrong

You just get a priest, Priest has the ability to make squadmate immune to phychic damages, then boss will just sit there and do nothing.

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Oh l didn’t think of that, luckily l still left a file for me to go back to the previous gameplay,l have a level 4 priest, thank you very much

awww don’t be giving it all away.

It was interesting reading these forums to see how long everyone running around with squads of snipers and infiltrators then commenting on broken balance and certain OP enemy would drag on. :smiley:

You’re a naughty pup!