How long dos it typically take to receive access to game?

Australian Customer

I’ve been charged from the store on my bank account, how long does it normally take to receive a email to gain access?

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You can download the backer build directly from the confirmation page which you see after your purchase is completed. You can click on the transaction ID number in your email to get back there.

After my purchase it went back to the shop, and my bank account still got charged and haven’t received an email. Who should i contact about this?

Get in touch with Xsolla.

Thank you i just submitted a ticket as you sent this :slight_smile:

you’re welcome. Hopefully things can be put in order

Just hoping to get an update, i wanted to check up on the backer benefits,

I’ve checked on the store page there’s now ‘Base, Platinum, Signature’ editions, i got the “Signed Collectors Edition” back in November last year, i didn’t save a copy of what I’am ment to get with this edition, (to my dismay i really should have thought to save a copy of what i was ment to get) all i have is the Xsolla receipt but not what i get with the edition of the game. just want to make sure i’ve not missed anything i was ment to do, as i assume that the larger editions of the game like i got are now not available

the higher tier editions are indeed no longer being sold. That said you can still find out what is in the no longer for sale editions on the original crowdfunding page on fig.

Awesome everything there looks like i can remember thank you.

You’re welcome. Glad I could help.