How does the this Anu mutation work? (Spoilers)

Hi, I did not yet reach the 3rd Anu mutations in my playthroughs. However I would like to know how does the Venom torso mutation work? Does the soldier lose one of his arms for weapons use?

Yes, sadly, this makes this torso nearly useless. Edit: … at least for me and my play stile :wink:

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Thanks for the answer!

One hand weapons should be something worth. As I experience, there is no one handed weapon which you can use at attack. Maybe crossbow…

Not crossbows, AFAIK only pistols and the melee weapons (except the both ancient melee weapons, these need 2 hands). Maybe only worth for a berserker melee build, but I only used it once and found it terrible, the poison weapon is OK but not more. Only upside, it has +30 accuracy … but you can only use pistols … :crazy_face:

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It’s really for Berzerkers and Melee Characters. It basically lets them carry a melee weapon and a “Pistol” at the same time. It also has a stealth bonus, and it’s very niche.

The third leg set though, I basically mutated onto all my guys. It lets you jump up levels, adds 3 movement, and the only downside is the armor rating, which you can kind of deal with using cover.

Second head is basically as good as the Synedrion sniper helmet, so it’s a good option as well.

The best part about mutations is that they use an entirely unique resource, so you can use it without impacting the rest of your economy. You get plenty of Mutagen in the Lairs and Citadels, and you can harvest it from captive Pandorans, so I never found myself running short.


This jump up is very nice, but you get +5 movement AND immune to goo :wink:
Yes, this one and the priest heads are almost anything that I use from the mutations.

But then you can’t use head modules and I almost like to use mist repellers or night vision for night missions, the latter especially on my snipers.
If you don’t use these modules, then this head mutation would be definitely worth it, because it has double the perception as the Synedrion sniper helmet (+14 instead +7, good for spotting and overwatch).


The Venom Torso has no stealth bonus, instead a penalty of -10% (as all torso mutations, there is not one with a stealth bonus).

Another edit:
I forgot the 3rd head, it has +5 WP as the priest head mutations (see in it’s text description). This one is also a good one if you need a character with many WP that is not a priest.

I stand corrected. I don’t have it in front of me so was going on memory.

No problem, I have it running at the moment :slight_smile:

Oooooooops, I based my choices on the wiki’s description as the in-game description is lacking (for instance it doesn’t describe the +5 WP from frenzy head) and didn’t know about not being able to use modules with mutated heads… makes sense but I did not think about it… now I’ve basically everyone with perceptor head :frowning:

I had even a few modules queued for production, I guess I’ll be cancelling them…

The good news is that you can always start a new game and play through now that you know. :slight_smile:

To be truthful I plan on finishing this one and doing another only after festering skies, I’ve not decided if I’ll do the LotA content yet, maybe I’ll wait for it to be better fleshed out.

I have found no use for this torso mod at all… and I have tried. For me I would need it to give:

  • 1 AP melee attacks (as per the bionic equivalent)
  • 1 AP poison attack, or boost the poison damage to 80 (same as advanced spitter head)

The fact the LotA melee weans are two-handed shows a lack of thought/integration. Two-handed weapons are fine but shouldn’t be given a 1 AP perk since otherwise they are clearly OP in my opinion.

I have to correct myself, only the last one of the ancient melee weapons is 2 handed, the first one only has a high weight of 5 but is 1 handed. (Sorry that I can’t name them, i play on German language and don’t know how they are called in English. In my game they are called “Hacke der Uralten” and “Senser” in German language).

That’s correct

Mattock of the Ancients is one hand melee weapon

Scyther is two hands

Weight for both is 5, you can use them bashing :sweat_smile:

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I know, I have a Heavy, as usual dual classed to Infiltrator and with the Close Quarter personal perk and want to give him the Scyther (actually I have none, but I’m short before).
Incredible damage output with a normal attack:
300 base damage, +20% CC, +100% Sneak Attack and finally +50% Brawler = 810 damage for 2 AP with AoE effect, good bye Chirons :crazy_face:
And I can use it to bash like with any heavy weapon for 1 AP …

Be careful, it is super addictive :joy:

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Honestly, I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t dual classed him with an Assault and give him the Vengance Torso. That would be even better for this melee role.
But OK, with his Sneak Attack he is also a very nice Grenadier with the Rebuke (the ancient GL?), and pretty devastating with its Destiny III. The melee role is then only a ‘little’ thing on top of this when he is in close combat.

I only can see that all wet dreams for all superhero players come true :wink:

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Of course, what else?
That’s the game as it currently is.
Is it fun to play this way? For me definitely.
Is it challenging or balanced? Definitely not.