Anu, Mutagen & Paralysis

I am finally giving Anu more of a chance to convince me that they are good (let’s forget the OP holes).
And I find myself with something strange…

Anu’s “strong” point is to use mutations.
For mutations, they need mutagen.
To get mutagen they either:

  • need to build lots of “mutation labs” which give 2 mutagen (per day ???), good luck doing mutations
  • paralyze lots of Pandorans and “harvest” them

Now the strange thing … Anu doesn’t have anything for paralysis except the advanced body mutation with tentacles (2AP/3WP for 20 paralysis - Neurazer for 2AP gives you 16 paralysis).

Phoenix Project has the Neurazer
Synedrion has Hera pistol and Athena SR
New Jericho isn’t interested in paralysis

So it’s a bit the chicken and egg problem. Anu need the “tentacle mutation” to paralyze, but the mutation can only be done with enough mutagen by paralyzing stuff … with the “tentacle mutation” …

Oh, and 3WP (and giving up on better armor) to deal only 4 paralysis more than Neurazer ??!!??


They have virus in temples > they mutate acolytes > they kill acolytes > they have mutagen.

From your point of view you have Neurazer to begin the process.

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Oh yes I forgot. They are fanatic s…bags.

It’s not that I’m having trouble capturing all the Pandorans in scavenging missions with Neurazer. It’s quite easy (yet), but Anu seems to be the faction that needs paralysis the most but yet has no real means of doing it.

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The easy way out would be to adjust the lore so that mutagen can still be extracted from Panda corpses, just a significantly lesser amount than from live boys.

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That could be nice. So additional reward from

  • base defence (you get it all just 20% of live specimen)
  • ambush (if you will clear first opponents and survive some additional turns - may require some research and thanks to that having a drone to extract mutagen from bodies and then evacuate)
  • haven defence (you get only 10% because you share it with haven)
  • alien base assault (just like with ambush with a drone)

The drone seems more like a Synedrion thing.

But yes, why not get mutagen from bodies (since harvesting the mutagen from Pandorans means killing them anyway). We account for some loss because the specimen isn’t “fresh” and still can paralyze to get 100% out of it.
And ambushes give paralyzed Pandorans only if we kill/paralyze everyone.

There are a host of ways of acquiring weapons such as the Athena… you can raise your level of support with Synedrion… it is actually possible to ally all three factions if you stay out of the faction war… you can capture weapons by running missions to Synedrion havens and then reverse engineer them… you can acquire their weapons by hiring their soldiers and then reverse engineer…

This game has lots of faults… but the faction interaction is one of the better features… you are expected to obtain technology from more than one faction and, as I indicated above, there are several mechanisms for doing so…

Was that the subject of the topic ?

I finished the game 5 or 6 times, I allied with all factions in my first games to experience all endings (saving before the point of no return).

The topic isn’t about how to get ranged weapons to paralysis. That’s obvious.
It’s about why the faction that relies on it doesn’t have it’s own tech.


And all of that was perfectly clear from your post… sorry that I took you seriously…

Won’t respond to you again you are not worth the effort… so write whatever thin skinned response your little heart desires… :slight_smile:

Apparently you’re the only one who thought it was the subject. The other responses are on topic.
But I’m sorry.
You obviously wanted to help and my answer was not appropriate.
May I know what made you think it was the topic so I may correct my way of presenting things next time ?

agreed. this seems inordinately tiny. it would not be out of hand to actually have it generate 2 mutagens PER HOUR. maybe also make it so you can only generate mutagens if you have any kind of pandoran currently in containment, but yeah, I don’t actually see an issue with changing that to per hour instead of per day. per day is entirely useless. you won’t generate enough mutagen to do a single mutation for months.