Better Cult of Anu Mutations

While some of the mutations are interesting I feel like they could go farther with them. For example you could get tentacles that make it so you can pull yourself up elevation or pull forward an enemy at the cost of WP. You could have a shield or grenade launcher arm, the slithering body of a siren for extra movement or the scythe arms for melee based characters, you could even have wings that allow characters to fly up in the air to get a better view of the map or the ability to camouflage.

I really hope that the mutations we have now are just the start and that more will be added from updates or DLC because there just seems to be so much missed potential with the mutations and if you are worried about making Anu OP just give Jericho and Synedrion similar tech that would fit with the theme of the faction.


I would like to have the possibility to have 3 mutations on a character…


Yeah, the NPC’s get 3 mutations. I was fighting bandits and 2 of their melee guys had head,chest and legs. I had to work really hard to get the ability for 2 mutations, I want to know who those guys are and what they had to do to get all 3 hahah

I love that idea! I wouldnt mind getting a machine-gun arm or shield arm. It would be sorta cool if they went right off the rails and let you make your own version of a Scylla. Meld man and mutog and make a gigantic monstrosity that took 6-8 slots but can solo nearly every mission.

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