Need a way to unlock third augmentation slot

Okay, so I get the safety limits deal. But the mutation research shows me a full blown octopus man and by god I want one. There needs to be a way to remove that limit with late game research because we can’t actually make a full robot or a full mutant.

Kind of disappointing honestly. Just a weird looking mishmash missing a torso, head or legs.

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While it wouldn’t be a big change balance-wise, it would at least make Anu recruits with torso mutation not useless (berserkers need armored head, priests - class head, everyone - propeller or agile legs). Torso mutations are all lackluster and prevent you from properly using 2 other slots.

That’s what’s weird about it… why limit it? And why have three matching body parts we can never use together?

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I argued for quite long that full mutation or augmentation should not be possible, as they make human crazy (look at Pure of Forgoten). But I suppose this could be possible… but each installation or mutation should decrease max WP by 4. So fully “changed” soldier would have -12 WP to his stats.

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I myself wouldn’t reduce will points. I would far more favor the fact that the player should go and win the last mission against the Pure, and the ability to have a 3rd augmentation, would be a reward from either the mission, or a research allowed after the victory. As today, it only gives material boon, and stops the Pure missions.
Similarly, the Forgotten could have similar end of faction mission, and the 3rd mutation slot would be a reward for that.
Also I would actually give the 2nd slots only after the second mutation/augmentation researches have been done.

As of now, I just need to enforce those as personal rules not to go past, as I have installed a mod that allows the 3rd slot to be used by default, from the Assorted Adjustments mod, as it has a setting that allows to modify the limit. Also there’s another not so much encompassing mod, called pp-full-mutation, and yes, it sets both the limits to 3.
But those only work on PC, and technically only on Steam, GoG and EGS versions.

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Er, that would defeat having heads with mind abilities, wouldn’t it?

No. They would just need to Restore more often.

I wouldn’t reduce will either, unless you’re going to buff the weaker parts… like -12 WP is character breakingly huge. And it would break priest heads etc (granted the scream head needs a buff regardless because compared to frenzy it’s just crap.

Like the resistor head and venom torso are not good enough to warrant losing 8 WP. They’re barely good enough use now?

If they could make the less fun ones more useful I could see an argument for 2WP loss each… but that poison spike should at least be as good as a standard weapon considering you have to give up all two handed weapons to use it.

Well maybe malus should vary. I was thinking in terms of most powerful augmentations. Installing or mutating 3 parts should be done on most experienced soldiers with loads of WP so that malus would naturally limit when this “full modification” is available. -2 WP is not good enough. -6 WP for full change is nothing unless you limit WP spendings during soldier progression.

I understand the intention behind your suggestion, but I think it is not the right way to balance them with a flat WP debuff. If some augmentations are to strong then they have to get balanced individually and in a way that they are not always the best choice but more a viable alternative to conventional armor.

That said, not all fullly augmented soldiers would be so strong that they deserve over -6 WP loss. It is also very counter-intuitive for Priests.

No build really needs all 3 augmentations badly enough to pay the WP penalty.

But this is not what the OP mentioned, he wants to augment all 3 body parts and probably not because that he really needs that for any build … :man_shrugging:

Your intention is pretty different:

And here I can not agree. In my opinion torso mutations are not all lackluster but the two mentioned leg augmentations are so strong that there is no real choice to take a normal armor piece → unbalanced.

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