How do you recruit soldiers?

So… How do you recruit soldiers?

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Click on the PP base and at the bottom of the screen there are a few options: one is for building an Armadillo, one is for recruiting a soldier and the other is for the squad rooster. Maybe you also have the radar-building option, I don’t remember. Keep in mind that a soldier costs 100 food.

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There was someone at the discord who take a shot after each question of release date. Good that he doesn’t do that after each questions how to recruit soldiers. :wink:

Manticore has both stations, mission and roster. Base has Armadillo, recruiting and also roster. You switch between them with left click on them or with the list in upper left corner of geoscape screen.

You need the Manticore to build the station on your own base? I didn’t notice it when I played…


The base buttons are obscured “below” the manticore if it is docked in at the base. Bad ui design, i think.

Would be better if both manticore buttons and base buttons were simultaneosly visible, maybe separated somehow.

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Temporary UI design. It’s the first iteration of the Geoscape and the UI is very much placeholder.


@UnstableVoltage Do you maybe know if in final game recruiting soldier will also mean acquiring equipment with him? I mean when recruiting NJ Heavy, will it always mean that we get full gear of NJ heavy armor, Deceptor and Fury2? I would prefer just a soldier with his unique stats and skills set, and without that super equipment.

I ditch the deceptor, but the Fury is nice. I usually swap in the Hel cannon.

and how do you recruit soldiers in BB5? :confused:

OK. I had a chance to visit a heaven with a soldier symbol. however that was a single time I was going to recruid a new soldier. my entire team is lvl 6 now, the new one is 1. is there a chance to recruit solier from your base(like in BB4)?

Such recruitment was only available in BB3. Since BB4 we need to recruit from havens.

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