BB5 Recruitment

Any tips on recruiting units for the current build? Maybe I’ve run into a bug or I’m doing it wrong?

I was able to go to a haven and recruit a soldier. After that, the recruit button doesn’t seem to do anything.

I can see multiple havens have a person to recruit on the map, I have the resources and I’ve tried emptying the aircraft before going to the haven to no avail. I’m stuck at 6 guys.

The button is yellow/orange, so not sure what is up here.

Is your manticore full?

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Nope, I emptied it out to test that theory.

I think it may have been a bug. I loaded up a previous save, made sure the aircraft was empty and it worked this time.

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Regarding units, the basic Assault seems by far the best. MC into Sniper with all of mine, but I could see a point in going heavy with 1 perhaps.

I only got the special unit from the Disciples of Anu, the Berserker and it’s a melee unit, pretty limited. Details here:

I encounter the same problem as you do, and i am stucked with 6 guys (without replacement) trying to save the whole world from alien…
Either the way of recruitment is bugged, or tool tip missing, or intended because it is still BB.

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