How do investors feel about the Epic deal? (xpost)

Hey guys! I put this on the subreddit, but I figured I might meet some investors here too.

It occurred to me that the original campaign on Fig allowed us to invest in the game as well as just back it like a regular crowdfunder. Like, you had to pay over 1000 dollars, but if you had that money you could get “fig shares” or something like that and eventually profit off of the game’s success.

I’m wondering, did anyone here partake of that offer, and invest in Phoenix Point in the hopes of seeing a return? How do you feel about the epic deal? Most of the folks I’ve seen talking about it–and who are very displeased–are the general backers, or folks who preordered. But I’m not sure if investors have a different perspective. If any of you are around, are you happy with the Epic deal because it makes it more likely you’ll get a return on your investment? Or are you as angry as most of the other backers due to feeling betrayed by Julian, or because you think alienating fans will make the game unprofitable in the long run? I’d love to hear other thoughts, of course. Thanks for your time!


I am not an “investor” I only backed the game.

But I think from “investors” side the deal with Epic is pretty good and if all Snapshot tells us here is true then they made a very good deal with Epic. (The question is if you believe all of that… Snapshot does not have my trust anymore in anything.)

Beside they are handling this crisis of the game like pros. Even big studios may take a leaf from Snapshots book how to handle backlash.

As an investor I think I would assume that there are a lot sheep out there that have no problem at all being spied on.
The consequences of these acts are not understood by most people… yet. They will learn that the hard way.

If I am an investor and only think about my money then I want to have more money. I don’t care how other people feel about that or how my wish for more money will affect them.
I would only think: people who know what is going on are a minority and as soon as the tide is turning I have pulled out my money already and leave the mess behind.

From a backers side this deal is horrible. I can not play the game and I am not sure if I will get anything ever. Maybe… maybe not (But that was clear from the start… I have no rights to get anything, that is the idea of backing and trusting people) So for me the game is a failure.

But, and every investor can be sure of that, but I am not the common customer
The common customer does not think about long term consequences, he does not think about how Epic might affect him in the future.

For investors and companies like Epic this sort of customer is only cattle. You feed them as little possible and try to get out the maximum. They will never try to get on the bottom of anything. They just want to live their lifes and don’t want to invest too much time.

And I can understand that, they have other priorities, other things to think of. And to be honest to get to the bottom of this is not their duty. There is no individual responsibility cause you can only be really responsible if you know things.

This would be the duty of journalism and politics.

Politics will take care of the matter of “Epic” sooner or later. The question for an investor is only: did he get his share until then or diden’t he?

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So, I just saw this, and I felt the need to respond.

If this is true. Then all you have to do is be sure that the information they get is minimal. For backers, you really only need like an email or something. Which may be bad, but I’d rather get credit cards which backers don’t have to provide.

Alright, you’re assuming that all they care about is money. They probably invested because they care about the game. I know if I did (which I didn’t) that’s why I would. If I get a little extra because it succeeds then all the better. However, if I had issues with the Epic move, then I probably wouldn’t be very happy whether it was financially sound or not.

Now here’s where I have the most issues. You obviously know nothing about dairy farming, or farming in general. You don’t “Feed as them little as possible” because… you get no milk. Or, if it’s a meat cow… well very little meat or fat. So, your comparison is stupid already, not to mention, it’s ridiculous. Try the bread analogy, it works better.

This is actually another one I have a hard time with. Politics should stay out of business in my opinion. That’s it, and (for the most part) they are separate. It isn’t a journalists job to be responsible for others. It’s not the government to be responsible to you. The government should only shut down criminal activity. Epic may seem scummy, but they aren’t actually affecting you adversely. (And by that I mean potentially ruining your life.) There, I shared pretty much everything I disliked about this post.


Of course is Epic affecting me adversely if I install their launcher. It is the duty of journalists to report how, when and how often they are trying to use questionable business practices.

No sir, you can not do “what you want” on this planet. There are rules and the rules are made by the people. And politics do have the duty to force bad business to stop. This is a “criminal activity” as you call it.

Do you really think that spying on you and selling your behaviour, and “breeding” your data should be a legal acitivity?

I doubt that most people have the expertise to take care on “individual responsibility” in that matter. They are not aware of the consequences of their actions.

When I say “politics will take care of it” then I am talking about politics being 20 years behind reality of the internet.

This will change in the next few years. So, to get back to the topic, for an investor the question is: what changes in politics might affect my investment and how?

I think investors are not naive thinking “Oh politics should not influence business, so they won’t do it cause I don’t like the idea”.

They did this in the past and they will do it in the future. Be sure that investors are considiering that.

I think our discussion about politics should be done with PM, cause it is a distraction from the topic and I invite you to do so :slight_smile:

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