How do i progress behemoth dlc?

I’m utterly confused; the behemoth has resurfaced 5-6 times by now, and I’ve been shooting down a lot of Tier 1 and Tier 2 ships. I have never seen a tier 3 ship spawn.

I am at the end of the game; all 3 factions allied, every single research cleared out except for the virophage injector which I’m not doing because it locks you into the PP ending, did every optional mission. The enemy is at or near its pinnacle evolution with a couple additions to their roster after umbra, and I’ve already been fighting crystallized scyllas.

I also built the masked manticore quite a while ago, but it never triggered any event or “next step” in the fight against the behemoth.

What am I missing? I’d have thought that since the game asked you to build a masked manticore that it’d tell you what to do next, but I never got a message. I did have hints disabled so if there was some hint I missed, it’d be much appreciated if you guys help me progress the behemoth dlc.

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Easily missed (as I missed it as well as others)… The Masked Manticore should have an new icon on the left to attack the Behemoth when surfaced.

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Face palm thanks I knew I missed something.

Does that trigger the tier 3 alien ships?

No, these should come after introduced by the pandoran evolution report. But if you play on low difficulties it can be that there is a really low chance that they show up.

PS: You don’t need to fight them to go to the big final of this DLC.

Thanks for the quick replies. I have been playing on rookie, but even then I would have expected to see tier 3 ships given that the pandorans are at the pinnacle of their evolution.

This dlc has some rough edges like the gift swallowing the ship you entered with and also launching you into the mission directly without letting you set your team up. I am enjoying it overall though, I may have to go on higher difficulties to get more fun out of the miniship game.

Btw is there a way to reorder your ships? I tried on the airforce screen but doesn’t seem to be a way to. I absolutely hate jumping all the world’s ships based on their order that I recruited them in; I want them grouped by name or type.

edit: ironically the abyddon (tier 3 ship) was researched by the pandarons the day after i killed the behemoth, smh. And no rewards for killing behemoth? With other “optional” dlc missions at least you got skillpoints.

Unfortunately no.

Another no. Well, you can now focus on other things. Reward is kind of “now you will have less disturbance” :wink: But also rewards are less intuitive. You are left with good aircrafts armed with beneficial modules. You can also stop human war by intercepting faction aircrafts - then they cannot attack each other, thus human population won’t shrink too fast and you don’t have to make haven defence missions against factions. :slight_smile:

Wait, how do you intercept faction aircrafts? I have a ship equipped with weapons on their haven that has an aircraft in it, but I don’t get an intercept option. Do you have to be at war with them, or is there something else I missed?

Hmm. I suppose that to attack with any aircraft you need negative status. But with Masked Manticore you don’t need that. It should be always possible.