No reward for defeating behemoth?

Topic is basically my point. I’ve been starting new runs with each update to check out the new content and changes. Was pretty disappointed that FS had no real additions to the ground combat outside of the mosquitos and tar monsters. Figured that all the resources I was investing into air defense would pay off through some sick rewards when I finally downed the behemoth. But you get literally nothing? Not even a fat stack of resources? What’s even the point of playing with the DLC on if there’s no overall add to the core gameplay? I feel like I must be missing something here, cause it feels like a built a whole ton of aircraft and weapons for nothing

The player get access to probably the best aircraft in the game, the Masked Manticore with 8 seats and not as slow as the Tiamat plus some handy aircraft modules to add speed, range or recovering stamina on the fly. Additionally, though not on Legendary, the are free Manticores on PX bases, 1 on Hero, 2 on Veteran and 3 on Rookie.

BUT, on the other side, I’m totally with you that there should be some reward after the final mission, at least some resources.