Upgrade from standart to platinum

Я не нашел соответствующего топика(
Есть ли возможность для меня улучшить тип моего предзаказа со “стандартной” редакции до “платиновой” и если да, то как?

I haven’t found any such topics
Is there any option to upgrade my version of pre-order from “standart” to “platinum”?
If it is possible, then how can i do it?

With all my respect, Lai.

You send a mail to Snapshot games or Xsolla…
But if you would look at the forum, you would find the answer… :thinking:

Unless you are a fig-backer, they can’t upgrade.

'Cos we are appreciated as early supporters~

To be fair, they changed the format of pre-orders so many times, I’m surprised they even know who gets what. Also, can we get visiting studio in Sofia (Sedrica in Roman times) back and little cheaper? I’m quite close.

As i can see, those answers not fits my situation. I bought game month or two before via EGS. now i wanna to upgrade my version to platinum.

Also, i bought EGS version for 1699 rub (got check) while now standart version is HALF cheaper, than it. i just confused. is this a trick for Moneypushing or what?

You cannot get an upgrade from the one bought on the EGS store. You’d have to get a refund and purchase one of the upgrades from the store on the main website

Like @Kings_Rook said you can buy Platinum edition via

and request money back from Epic game store.
EGS has different prices for different countries…
1 € = 72.6588 RUB
So you payed via EGS 23,38€, standard edition via PP page cost 39,99€ and platinum edition 59,99€.