How do I find more bases?

I have a quest to find Phoenix Point base in the Arctic, and I’ve scanned just about everywhere but can’t find any more bases. What am I supposed to do?

Yeah, it would be nice to have exact geoscape highlights of what PP considers ‘Arctic’, ‘Southern Asia’ etc, so that you could easily tell when you miss a small corner.

Check your scanning coverage by pressing the appropriate button on the left of the UI. See if you have any blind spots on the North Pole, Siberia, Greenland, Northern Canada. If you have one, use the Tiamat to scan for maximum coverage.

Arctic for my campaign was groenland.

From my experience locations was right, but sometimes at the frontier.

To locate those areas I needed check some atlas, and even with a globe point of view, yeah I would need be better for geography.

This isn’t an error:

Wasn’t saying it was. Maybe I was a bit ambiguous.
Just pointing that when the game told me arctic, I found it in groenland. Could have been Svalbard, Novij zemble, …

Western Asia turned out to be Turkey for me. I’ve never heard of any region being described as “Western Asia” so you learn something every day.
p.s Brussels think Turkey is in Europe :smile:

Turkey is sometimes referred to as the gateway to Asia. Equally it’s religions are made up of Christians and Muslims - so I believe both are considered correct.

We’re just used to Western Asia being called The Middle East.

95% of Turkey is in Asia. Only 5% is in Europe.

Mmm for me it wasn’t obvious so I guessed the wrong way. :slight_smile:

Ok I eventually found it, the base was in Greenland, completely on the other side of the world from where I started (around Myanmar or southern China, not sure). I figured the base would’ve been at least relatively close to where I started.

I really want to like this game, but I’m hating how unintuitive everything is, and how much the game explains (basically nothing whatsoever).

Keep in mind the base locations are picked when the game starts. Just because you don’t have an active “quest” for it doesn’t mean you can’t find one closer.

The trick seems be (current testing confirm) explore a lot avoid as much combats than possible. With first you get resources mainly, and more chance to find more bases, with second you avoid that the difficulty scaling goes wild.

If the mission you’re talking about is titled “Frozen”, one of the Three Sites you must visit as PP priority missions, then you should have it coordinates marked in your geoscape as well as in your open mission list: clicking on the magnifying lens beside the mission title in the list will center your geoscape spot on such a site - which, in my first and also current playthrough is located in north-eastern Siberia.

Otherwise, in case your mission is titled “To Antarctica”, well… you have to go to Antarctica, which means the Southern Pole, passing through the PP base in southern Argentina - which you should already be able to locate on the geoscape and also remotely activate if you have already completed the “Phoenix Project Archives” research