Unable to Cross Ocean (Cannot Find Second Base)

Tried multiple searches but could not come up with anything.

I have 1 base in Africa. I have traveled Europe, Middle East, Asia, Russia and have not located another base. I am also unable to travel across to the Americas as there are no Havens close enough to one another to make that trip. (Tried traveling through Russia to Alaska and Britain to Canada regions but other Havens are just out of reach).

Any Ideas or something I am missing with traveling?

@MagicFlyinPotato seems like you’ve been hit with some really bad luck! I’ve always had a route so far to the Americas both via Iceland and the Bering Strait, as well as Antarctica via southern Argentina, and New Zealand.

I hope they garuntee access to these places in the finished game as it could be a major issue if other people like yourself cannot access a different continent.

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Silly question, but are you remembering to run scans? I don’t think any PP bases will show up unless you do. I started in North Africa too, and found my next base in Ireland. Had to scan though, and explore the location.