First mission: Find Phoenix Base - Arctic..... WTF?

Ok, so I’m doing another play through. Game kicked my arse the first time so thought I’d try again knowing a little more (which kind of takes the fun out of it a bit but that is life of course). The first base mission I have is to find the Arctic Base… In my last play through I didn’t even get a ship that could go down there before the Red Mist got me. Why give that as the first mission when its impossible for most of the game??

I give that an official “Two Turds” to the Devs. I would have given it three but I didn’t want to sound too harsh.

Welcome to RNG World.
My first PP mission was set perfect 2 Area Scans away… and the next one ~12 Scans, the Anu mission ~15 and the Synablabla ~20 Scans… no chance to do them at all.

Pure RNG without logic, rules or brainusage implemented.

Yeah, I understand how the problem arises, but a 3 year old (even a really annoying one) can see the problem with doing it that way without putting some rules in place for it.

But it seems that they simply did not put any effort in their System here…

Basic Rules:
Missions cannot spawn more than x-amount of range to the current PP bases

done… one rule to fix them all.

Arctic is not Anarctic.

“The Arctic” for me meant Iceland.