How come the AI has perfect visibility?

Couldn’t you make the AI more realistic? If it has no units close to your back line then they can’t target them? Really pisses me off that you can’t use any strategy vs snipers and artillery who always see your farthest units. Makes no sense!

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I agree. Sometimes its very strange what they can see.

Agree it looks weird sometime, but it could not be cheating but sounds they hear.

Sound doesnt/shouldn’t have that much range either.

Given the size of the maps are pretty small in terms of the distance they reflect, anyone should really be able to hear something clambering about from pretty much anywhere on the map… with the exception of maybe the smaller Pandoran critters.

It’s not like there’s a ton of ambient noise going on. Everything is desolate and silent so a 6 foot bulky crab creature, or a human in lots of armour stomping about would be pretty audible.

A pair of two story houses with a back garden and maybe a small section of the street connecting them represents physical area covered in a lot of the maps. Only a few maps cover anything that would perhaps be equivalent to a single street length.

It has perfect visibility, but in my experience it does not have perfect Perception.

The Nasties won’t react to you until they are Alerted. When that happens, the Pandorans obviously have some sort of psychic link that acts like the equivalent of radio, which allows Chirons to rain down an artillery barrage against you in much the same way that our Scarab can shell anything one of our Squaddies can see on the map.

So if you don’t want to get shot at, invest in Stealthy armour and don’t shoot at the first thing you see unless it flashes up a purple ‘Alerted’ banner. Of course that doesn’t apply if the damn thing is at close range and can obviously see you.

What bugs me is the Chirons knowing where my infiltrators are and bombing them. I really would like to know how they do it.

I could think it’s because of sound, but Arthrons don’t throw grenades at my infiltrators.