Chirons Alerting

Does anyone know what governs Chirons alerting? Are certain pandas able to get them to fire? I’ve had a team buried in goo from turn one even though the Chiron never saw me and, as far as I can tell, no Synedrion troops were in LOS of it, though I can’t be sure.

I’m pretty sure, that on haven defenses the pandorans are alerted right at the beginning of the mission. They attack, so it makes sense :wink:

Nothing attacks you before it’s alerted to your presence, ever. Haven defense makes no difference.

I don’t mind it — I just want to know that I need to plan for it.

Nothing attacks you when you’re operatives are not detected, right, but the “alerted” status of the enemy is not only dependent on whether own OPs have been detected or not.

But anyway, one Triton with double perception is enough to spot one of you soldiers right away in your first turn and if the Chiron is alerted right away (what I assume is the case on haven attacks) he will fire on you, regardless of that he can detect your soldiers on his own or not. That was always the case … :man_shrugging:

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It could have been a Triton, true. Didn’t think about that.

They also must have excellent hearing. I took out all existing enemies except the Chiron and moved under cover to get within range. It’s earlier volleys were at units that I didn’t move. The next volley was targeted at the units that had moved under cover. They didn’t trigger any doors, so how did it know where they were?