Can someone explain stealth in depth to me?

I’m a bit confused by the stealth mechanic. It seems very intuitive with the infiltrator, but on everyone else it seems to be almost useless, to the point where I completely ignore the +/- stealth modifiers on their gear, and the thief skill is useless.

I know it’s “stealth score vs. enemy perception” and somehow distance factors in, but what else? It’s a percent subtraction from the enemy’s range or something? (hence “100% stealth infiltrator” apparently being always invisible)

Once a unit is revealed, can they ever be hidden again, and how? I like how the infiltrator clearly shows you with the overlay when you’re hidden, every unit should have that though, make it an optional in the settings if there’s a fear it’ll get annoying, because as is I can’t really tell when and if it’s doing anything.

p.s. how does hearing factor in, also? is it affected by perception/stealth at all? p.p.s. Silent Echo seems to not work haha

Yea there definitely needs to be a proper indicator for who is actually seeing you. Right now you have to kinda remember which enemy had the ‘spotted X’ popping up over its head.

Also stealth needs an overhaul … right now its go 100% stealth or go home. I don’t think the solution should be simply removing that 25% bonus perk either, though. They clearly have clever thinkers over there as evidenced by the overall gameplay, so I’m sure they can come up with something good eventually.

There’s a mod that adds this (a little closed eye, until they’ve seen you). Check it out

I’m not certain how the stealth mechanic works specifically either. I’ve had an (assault/infiltrator) with basic PP assault gear and the 25% extra stealth perk (so should be approx 50%?) get spotted from a good distance away (was firing a crossbow) then I’ve got a sniper/infiltrator firing a “loud” sniper rifle, who stays invisible most matches (would only be around 35% stealth, maybe). Perception isn’t explained very well, but there must be separate stats for seeing and hearing.

Silent echo works sometimes, to a degree (you get a different gun sound effect and no blip) but the camera still pans to where the alien is, so you still “know” where it is lol

The only way I know of going back into stealth after being spotted, is the 6th level infiltrator ability. 4WP to move 5 spaces and cloak again. Very useful

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