Hotfix patch notes - 9/1/2020

Today we have released a hotfix for Phoenix Point, revision 1.0.54861 EGS on the Epic Games Store which addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed a game crash in battles during the enemy turn when the enemy is panicked and could be caused by return fire, overwatch, and/or exploding barrels.
  • Fixed a game crash when leaving a tactical mission, which was caused by trying to retrieve weapons that are actually body parts of Mutogs, turrets, etc. These will no longer be recoverable.
    • Also, prevents recovering mutated body parts as equipable items.
  • Fixed a bug that corrupted saved games that are saved during a battle after a Scylla is killed with the belcher abdomen.
    • Note: this will not retroactively fix already corrupted saved games
  • Fixed a hang when loading a saved game where someone was hit by a weapon that causes bleed (e.g., Slasher Siren, Anu Blade) which caused the unit to die from the bleed damage next turn.
  • Fixed a bug that doesn’t allow the game to start if you have corrupted save games.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the final boss to not play its sounds.

While this hotfix addresses some of the most urgent issues, we also have another larger patch currently in the works, containing many more bug-fixes and balance changes. While we do not yet have a release date for this larger patch, we will update the community as soon as we know more.

This hotfix will deploy a little later on the UWP (Windows Store / Windows Game Pass) due to certification requirements.

Please do continue to report bugs in-game via the F12 tool, or here on the forums. We are also currently exploring more ways for you to contact us in the future to offer your suggestions and ideas for improvements.