Hello, I'm New Here, but Why

Hi, I brought the Ultra Edition last week. Does that mean I still get the season pass without having to pay for it again?

I played what they gave me and get the impression there should be more than two missions. Especially from what I read on the forum here so far. It does look like you all have more of game than what I got. Unless I have missed something.

BTW, I do like what has been done with the game so far. Keep up the good work devs.

If you bought the game last week, you couldn’t have bought Ultra Edition. The retails editions became available on sale on the 8th of November, and don’t offer access to Backer Beta anymore. On Novemeber 8th Season Pass became available for purchase as well.

Platinum and Signature Editions (sold before Nov 8th) offered access to Backer Beta, but not the Season Pass.

If that is what you purchased then you should have received access to Backer Beta5, redeemable on Epic store.

So, I got to buy game (again) if I want to play it?

I purchased it before the 8th. On the 5th of November and I have the backer build. Is that all I get then?

You will get full game on December 3rd. But to have all DLC you will need to buy Season Pass with a discout I suppose.

If the purchase was on the 5th then it would have been the Signature Edition, not the Ultra Edition. The Signature Edition didn’t come with the season pass, but came with early access and the ability to add a name to the soldier roster pool instead.

You will still get the full game when it launches.

As for Backer Build 5 and you only seeing 2 missions. This sounds like you’re playing the tutorial (which starts with 2 positions revealed on the map) but you aren’t following what the tutorial is telling you to do (objectives in the top left). Following the tutorial will unlock more missions on the Geoscape.

As Backer Build 5 is pre-release, the tutorial is still a work in progress. The tutorial asks you to complete the first mission, then visit the personnel and equipment tab before moving onto the second mission site. Currently, if you go to the second mission site before following the tutorial to visit the personnel tab, you will get stuck - as it will then give you an objective to complete another mission but there won’t be any on the map.

That’s good to know…

Yeah, I did play the tutorial, I guess and I only got as far as two missions before not finding any more objectives on the map.

Did you use the area scan?

The first & second time, I think I did. This time, I unchecked the tutorial, and think I found the game proper.