Silly early access question!

hi all

just to clarify if i buy the 54.99 or higher version the early access is access to the backer build NOW?

The only silly questions are the one that you don’t ask :slight_smile: but the info is here Phoenix Point Release Date and DLC

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I can not see anywhere here were you say the MAC version will be released? I take it that it will be at the same time?

so to clarify

Im in the UK and if i buy the platinum or signature edition before November the 8th (ill actually buy now if i can play bb5) ill be able to play backer build 5 now?

Yes you will be able to play BB5 after a while when you will get e-mail with a key. Just remember it uses Epic Games Store.

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Just to make sure you know what you will pay for.

Until November 8 you can buy Platinum Edition for 52.49 pounds or Signature Edition for 69.99 pounds. Both games give you the same content when it comes to the game but the Signature Edition allows you to add a name to soldier roster.

As far as the game is concerned:
You get access to base game (release December 3rd)

Time limited exclusive items (meaning they will be available for purchase for everyone else after couple months) - alien gun and chitin armor

Access to Backer Beta5. You will get the key to it after purchase and you can play it now via Epic Store. Just as a warning, this is NOT what I would call early access. It’s buggy, unpolished, lacking content. I would look on youtube and read some of the forums, just so you know what you are getting into. You will pay for content which will become obsolete in December, and arguably provides limited fun-factor.

After November 8 the base will be available for $39.99, while season pass, consisting of 5 pieces of DLC, will cost additional $29.99. While this package will miss the exlusive items, but it is around the cost of Signature Edition, while offering more content overall, and if you want EVERYTHING the $80 edition will also grant you the items.

What I am saying is, just think carefully whenever you really want access to Backer Beta5, or if you prefer to have access to the Season Pass.


I was desperate to get a feel for the game so I’ve bought the platinum version.
I know I’ll be looking at buying the DLC at a later date but thank you for the very comprehensive and detailed reply :slight_smile:

I estimate I spent around ten to twenty hours playing each Backer Build, so between fifty to hundred hours total, which is more than most of games in my library.

Only reason I haven’t played more of BB5 is simply that down the line alien turns take so much time that I just give up. But that is surely to be solved when final game releases.