Signature Edition Phoenix Point after the premiere

I purchased the Signature Edition version on October 5, 2019. They were then:

  • Base
  • Platinum (included all DLCs planned)
  • Signature (the most expensive - an additional option to send soldier data to the game in relation to Platinum)
  1. What version will my current Backer change on my EpicStore account (after the premiere game in 3.12.2019)?
  2. Will the new commercial version code be sent or will your Backer change its status automatically to the appropriate commercial version?

You are the owner of a Signature Edition of the game. The only change that happened on Nov 8th is that the Platinum and Signature Editions stopped being sold and different tiers started being sold.

You will still get all of the items that were included in the Signature Edition purchase. Those being:

A copy of the game at launch
the early access backer builds
the desktop wallpaper
the digital soundtrack
the digital game manual
the digital artbook
the Compendium, eBook edition
your name of choice added to the soldier roster
The Alien weapons and Armour DLC

The free Season Pass is only available to those people that purchased a copy of the game before March 12th

Can you at least count on some rebate code on the seasson pack?

Everyone that pre-ordered between March 12th and Nov 8th has been sent an email with a discount code for the Season Pass. If you cannot find the email, check in your spam/trash/promotions folders

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I used the discount code when purchasing the Season Pass. It worked - it’s OK, thank you.
How will this even happen after the premiere? Will we get new codes (on e-mail) to be introduced in EpicGame or will the current version change its status from Backer to Ultra?
My current situation: I bought the Signature version and now I bought the Season Pass. I have the Backer version on my EpicGame account. What will happen to me on the day of release on 3/12/2019?

You will use different code to download different version of the game.

You will receive a new key to unlock the full game on the Epic Games Store. It will still be the Signature Edition - it won’t convert to Ultra. Then you redeem the season pass key to add that to the account.

OK. I am waiting patiently for two keys that I will receive on the day of release to the e-mail account:

  1. Phoenix Point Signature Edition
  2. Season Pass
    I am waiting patiently :slight_smile:

today I bought the key season pass and the resulting code is activated in epic story will it affect the full version when issuing a new key?

Yes. The season pass key effects the full game on your EGS account.

Will there be a Polish language version (text)?

There will be Polish text, yes.

Beautiful, that’s it!
Important question.
If I start the game after the premiere, can we continue to play with new content after releasing additional DLCs?
Or will old save not allow you to use new DLC content, only new games from the beginning?

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I apology for asking, but didnt find any information elsewhere. In case we did not receive said email, who could we contact? I purchased and of september getting access to the bb5, so i would assume it was the signature edition? According to your post i should have received an email with a discount for the season pass, correct?

Thanks in advance, BR, Mike

send an email to

Also, no need to apologize. Answer questions from people is what I volunteered to do