Heavy War Cry only 1 turn on Scyllas?

The heavies War Cry says in description it lasts two turns. I’ve been using it on all kinds of things but never paid much attention to how long it really lasted… Today however i had a Scylla i jumped to and used WC then scurried for cover. It worked fine for the first turn having only 2 ap to work with, walked towards my heavy then turned to lay a mindfragger. On it’s second turn the war cry icon was gone and the Scylla had its full 4 AP. Didn’t work out so well for my heavy as i figured the icon just went missing.

So my question is there some mechanic to Scyllas, and maybe other big aliens, that i have yet to meet to cause duration based abilities to last half duration? Is 1 turn duration for warcry on a scylla normal?

Need to check but I haven’t seen anything that led me to believe it lasted 2 turns.
Aren’t you thinking about “Instil Frenzy” (a priest power) ?

My description says:
All enemies within 10 tiles have their Action points reduced to 2 for the next turn.

I’d be curious to know how it synergies with paralysis.
Does the paralysis apply first and then war cry lowers it to 2AP.
Or does war cry lowers it to 2AP and THEN paralysis applies and diminishes the AP further.
I have a test to make.

Edit 2:
Maybe there is an ambiguous translation in whatever language you have installed.
Google translate is actually good with the translation to french: Tous les ennemis à moins de 10 cases voient leurs points d’action réduits à 2 pour le prochain tour

Well that was just a reading fail on my part then. Loaded the game back up and re-read it. I’d been seeing it as “have their ap reduced for the next two turns” instead of what it does say. Wishful thinking on my part i suppose, would be handy if it lasted two turns…

I believe right now only the strong effect applies between war cry and paralysis… Last night for example i’d used WC near a siren and some other mobs, then brought up two assaults to knock the siren out. Dash fell a bit short, had to blue move a bit and was one whack with neurazer short of full paralysis. If the two effects stacked she’d have been at -1 AP, but she moved like she had two.

Seems daze works the same way, doesn’t stack with paralysis but can stack with itself… like the time i angered 17 infiltrators on turn one of a map, several of my troops were fully dazed at the tart of turn two.