Haven defense completely unbalanced

So i just started a haven defense where im literally 360 surrounded by approximately 15 pandas
Amongst them 4 sirens and a scylla
First turn passes and four teamates have been mindcontrolled
Im on the second out of four difficulties and this is literally unbeatable


Throw in a bombing Chiron and I’ve been there on Rookie level. Hopefully this is being addressed in the upcoming patch.

so retreat :slight_smile: or even reload save before mission and leave it alone. Probably it was extreme threat level, so without proper soldiers you shouldn’t get there.


Yeah but since when has ‘extreme threat’ meant ‘unwinnable’. There is something fundamentally broken with this game.


with skill combos of 7-level multi-class soldiers it should be winnable. :wink: But of course this should not be played this way in the first place

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Totally agree on both counts. Part of the game should be choosing the right missions to take, based on the strength and makeup of your squad.

I think what the game does miss however, is giving the player the potential to scout those mission sites in order to then choose whether or not to send a squad in.


I vote for that!

No it wasn’t extreme … That one gets hit this hard early in the game and on the easier 2 levels is why it is unbalanced.

So some people said effectively, “part of the game is choosing what missions you can handle”.

So this would be more valid if you knew the configuration of the enemy, and how you would spawn. Some spawning situations are very close to impossible. Also, the threat levels are very unhelpful in determining what you can or cannot take on.

Ok, if you have an injured or incomplete squad, you see “Extreme” and probably think, “good luck defending your haven. We have you in our prayers!”. But beyond that, there is little way to make an informed decision about whether or not to take on a mission without saving before starting, and loading back if the resulting situation looks bad.

It would be fantastic and logical if there was better information available to make these informed decisions before certain battles. Haven defenses should provide tons of intel. Whereas Citadel/Lair/etc missions would provide extremely little info because your intel would mostly come from scans rather than boots on the ground.


I had the same problem as you

I even made feedback on canny but it is not highly voted

IMO game should always give you option to scout the map first and then tactically retreat if needed.

Now I know that it is a “no no” to send 6 lvl 5 soldiers on extreme threat missions. But that to me feels like cheating, because I use prior knowledge of game mechanics to make decisions.

You can lower the threat if the haven has people to defend inside and deploy your squad before it goes to collapsed (if the case haven defender were outnumbered by the attacker). But the problem is no option or way to add defender once they all dead :scream: *I wish they could produce babies more often.

Even if one waits for the haven forces to wittle down the extreme forces, they don’t take out the real heavy and dangerous enemies. Even if brought down to high it is really “extreme” with what enemy units are left. How about allowing for larger squad sizes to take on extreme haven defense missions?

As it currently is, one just waits until the haven forces are down to 1 or 0 and then attempt a defense. If the haven forces were really there fighting, one might think about going in earlier and giving them a fighting chance.

EDIT: Actually the attacking force does not change even when their strength lessens over time. The whole strength count down is a gimmick. It’s only a timer to give the player a feel for how long the haven can last until help arrives.