Haven defense difficulty

If you mouse over the haven, it will show you attack and defending strength. The longer you wait to intervene, the lower the numbers fall. Don’t want to deal with high threat level? Just wait until the haven is almost overcome then go in.
This is early-mid game. I don’t know if it works later on.

From my experience there isn’t much difference between waiting and jumping in early. The only time this isn’t the case is when the defense strength is more the than the attacking. With the latter, most of the weaker enemies are gone, leaving the strongest.

Interesting. Several times I’ve gone in immediately and the threat level was high and then when I backed out and waited, it decreased to low. Only just started experimenting with it though. I’ve been doing things I normally wouldn’t since I’ll be starting a new game after the update and DLC tomorrow.

The threat level lowers, but I haven’t seen much difference in the number of enemies present. But these were ones that started as extreme.

EDIT: An example of a start Extreme with defending forces greater than attacking. By the time I arrived the attacking force was 0 and I faced a Scylla, Siren and grenade launching Arthron.

It’s a valid strategy, the one issue with it I believe being it weakens the haven making it more susceptible to future attacks. You’re trading an easier fight now for a harder time keeping them alive later.


Attacking enemies 0 with a Scylla, a Siren and a granare launcher Arthron still in?!? :scream: OMG

That’s a big heavy load for a 0 enemies attacking force!

BTW, has anybody ever try to gauge how many “enemies” is worth a Scylla or a Chiron?

In the two or three “Extreme danger” Heaven Defense missions I’ve fought so far the enemy force strength was stated as 17, but I fought a Scylla, a Chiron and three or four tritons or arthrons.

That works mean that a Scylla might be worth about 10 enemies, a Chiron 3 like a ground vehicle, a Siren maybe 2, and each other human sized enemy 1.

What do you think?

AFAIK, the numbers of the enemy strength in the geoscape info has nothing to do with the enemies in the mission, that’s why you still get a full set of the worst enemies even when the strength is down to 0. I think only the threat level, showing at the start mission screen, decides how strength they really are.