Gotta Laugh At The Strength of 0 Attacking Force

By the time I reached the haven, they had taken down the original attacking force to 0. Of course this meant it was 2 Sirens with full will power (60 in total) and a fully loaded Triton. All against a 5 and sub level early squad of 6. Luckily I didn’t get mind-controlled by both Sirens at the same time. However, each time the 1 Siren MC’ed 2 units in 1 turn. Thankfully, it took me just long enough to arrive for their defense.

Yeah same thing here. I figured that if I left the defenders lower the attacking strength a little the mission would be easier. I took a squad in against a defense of 1 thinking it would just be one or two enemies. Nope got attacked by 8 enemies luckily just one siren and I was able to get a lucky head shot on her but my squad was pretty well messed up by the time I finished. I had just started and at this point only had found one other base. It was fun but not what I would expect.

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Yeah, it might need a look at for presentation. The number seems to be more of a general point limit or multiplier (assuming its working properly anyways). Then converted by the current enemy scaling and the origin point of the attack.
I recently reset a haven defense mission from geo (Heavy grenaded himself and a couple others first turn and forgot to save at mission start).
First time around was 2 sirens and at least 6 Arthrons plus probably a few more. Mixed body sections between tier 1 and 2.
Second time was 2 Bomb Chirons, 2 Arthrons and 3 or 4 Tritons, mostly tier 2 mutations.