Mutation inbalance

I just started a new game and first mission had Tritons with aim head and sniper rifles, then first haven defense all enemies Tritons with aim head and sniper rifles.
And no I’m not playing the game on the hardest difficulty.
I know mutations are part of the game but you can’t tell me that this combination is acceptable on normal difficulty so early on.
No abilities yet, no way to get closer to them because of open maps and in most cases I can’t even see them before they snipe me silly.

Please tell me this is just a balance issue that will be adressed when the game comes out because I don’t want to restart games just because the dice rolled this way and makes the beginning of the game so aggravating I feel like swearing in this post.

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It is.

hard to say

I just started similar campaign on normal difficulty. One of tutorial scavenge missions had them (count=4), and first haven defence too (count=10). It was quite hard but manageable for experienced player like me. I have almost lost a sniper, but now he is recovering and I have 10 Pythagoras rifles to scrap. Currently I will have nest with them which definitelly will be interesting experience. :wink: But I understand it is too much for a beginning.

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Sorry to tell you yokes but I’m not a beginner, and that’s an underhanded way to insult people


I haven’t said you are. I said that it can be too hard for the beginning of the game. I would also like the game to start more lightly and with other mutations. So I’m voting with you that balancing need to change. :wink:

Right there +1. I was just describing my experience.

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What you describe is what we experience in new XCOM1/2 games. Difficulty is tough at start and then goes down.

I hope they will balance PP for difficulty to go up (like on the attached image).

But if we choose highest difficulty than left starting point of the graph should be quite high.

I hope it won’t be like XCOM games.

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I have played those games and I agree with you to a certain degree.
Xcom 1 Thin men are a pain and Xcom 2 Sectoids early on if they mind control in stead of raise corpses and Vipers.
But neither pit you against those enemies in the very first mission.

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In the first mission you are pitted against around 12 sectoids each which can link with another for improved aim. They kill you quickly through full cover on legendary. It’s up to luck to win such match which is far from ideal.

Also later in the game losing advanced soldiers with many abilities cause of luck is bad too.

In first xcom the only thing going for exp soldier was a bit better aim and more action points but there was nothing like losing abilities. Abilities makes losing soldiers so difficult both early on as well as later in the game. Soldiers with no abilities are almost useless. Happily in PP this is solved by the training centers. In XCOM there is no real equivalent.

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Yeah. Much prefer PP’s ballistic model based fire patterns. Means that you can actually be sure a bullet won’t hit you behind full cover.

It’s also why I didn’t have an issue with the tritons early in the game. For me they spawned with perception heads, regeneration bodies and paralysis limbs, equipped with Firebird snipers too. Unlike Xcom I feel low ground is better because there are simply more objects on low ground to hide behind. So I advanced behind cover as per usual and was almost never hit by a shot from any of these tritons. They always hit a wall or simply missed whatever tiny part of my soldiers was showing. I did get hit once or twice but honestly, unless they hit your arm and prevent you from using weapons, you can just use a med-kit and be fine.