Grenade usage and the inability to throw through an open door

After employing a strategy that would leave Patton and Rommel debating for hours, I was able to snatch failure from the jaws of victory!

I had set up a clever diversion with a daring flame attack to funnel three crabmen into a kill space. I utilized my hidden sniper to shoot the doors open on the “bunker” in order to allow my two assault troopers to lob grenades into the opening.

I was excitedly awaiting their demise, wickedly admiring the flames licking at their evil crab shells as they ran toward my trap…BUT, WAIT! What’s this? My two MLB wannabe’s can’t toss their frags through the large double door opening?

NOPE, instead, they’re left there as sitting ducks, grenades in hand…only to be gunned down because the throwing mechanic can’t allow for a lower arching throw…they were in direct line of sight, no obstacles in their path…only the cruelty of the programmers to decide their fates…

Oh, the agony!

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I guess, since nobody responded to this… it’s not feasible, or I’m the only one who’s had a problem throwing a grenade through an open doorway…?

Not really, but probably noone has anything to add to this matter. :slight_smile: I would love to be able to set different arcs for explosive weapons. Maybe with the same key combination as when changing overwatch arc.