Able To Throw/Launch Grenade Even Without Enemy Present

One should be able to do preemptive tossing of grenades for the purpose of removing cover/glass or laying fire barriers with incendiary grenades. But without a unit present, one can’t toss the grenade. Speaking of grenades, why not have the different types of grenades for the grenade launcher?


Try to add it here

Will do

It is already possible to freely throw grenades. They do not require a target to be present.

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I have checked it, you are right. Now it is like that.
But few days ago I was not able to throw grenade to crush a wall in Synedrian haven, I remember it clearly.
Some undocumented change perhaps?

It’s always been like that.

If I find myself in that situation again I will double check what’s happening and report a bug if needed. Thanks for quick answer.

Is it possible that the flight path of the grenade was obstructed? It will not let you throw if the throwing arc is clearly pathing through a wall, roof or some other large obstruction.

As I remember (not 100% sure) I could throw grenade in front of the wall but as soon as blast radius covered the wall it went from red to blue. Maybe I was behind the cover which blocked me I can’t check it now.

Thanks for clarifying this.

It may be that the last few times I attempted this, the arc of the throw was obstructed by an obstacle (e.g roof). In that case one should be able to toss/roll the grenade to a position. Granted the range should be shortened, but there is more than one way to “toss” a grenade.

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