Grenade Suggestion for next Patch

Since armored pandas abound and many weapons struggle with the armor, how about increasing grenade shred? Then softening up targets with grenades becomes a more viable option.

Also, grenade targeting inside buildings is still broken. It bugs me that I basically can’t use grenades in the environment where they make the most sense.


It would be nice if the trajectory could adapt to be lower when inside. Even if it means being unable to throw very far.

The heavy doesn’t know how to aim GL at indoor situation :laughing:. Wish the grenade not instantly blow up once hit the target, but having bounce and roll then blow up is much better for me.

Changing the launch angle for a given initial velocity is basic projectile motion physics. It’s totally doable. The angle should adjust for the environment — right now, it appears to be fixed based on distance to target.

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