Strafe with automatic weapons

Having the ability to Strafe with automatic weapons would be a nice feature to have in system which has a ballistics firing model. - The way I could see this working is as per Laser Squad, where you pick a start and end point for a series of shots, and then your soldier unleashes fire between those 2 points. The difference being that in PP you could also fire between 2 vertical points, or even diagonally.

It’d give those automatic weapons some much needed utility to balance against single shot/high damage options such as the sniper rifle.

I think it would be a quite situational feature to make use of, but when faced with a number of enemies that have low health, where you want to strip armour, find enemies in the mist, or make use of map explosives, it could be quite handy.

I’m wondering whether you could even combine this with movement and allow for a solider to fire at a set angle whilst running from point A to point B.

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More simply an AOE special burst attack that could show a special animation matching the strafe. I’d say that it’s already a boredom to constantly use Ctrl to change the width of Overwatch cone, please not one more tedious control like that, and at same time fix this design for over-watch.

Otherwise looks like a good skill idea to use with armor breaking or virus, or to finish an explosive result. I won’t consider the balance problems it could involve or not.

My thinking was just two mouse clicks, one for the start point, one for the end.

Mmm how it’s different than overwatch? You’ll need choose a direction, on plane but height too, a distance perhaps or not, and an angle, horizontal only, anyway it would be too complex with vertical too. And even if the range doesn’t matter it’s a way to choose the height.

EDIT: Ooops ok choose a first target then a second. :slight_smile:

So like that?

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Wow, that was impressive.

Isn’t that how Rage Burst works? It certainly used to be (I haven’t got there yet in this iteration).

Exactly like that, nice work :slight_smile:

No. Now it just unloads everything into a single target.