Grenades are too weak

  In my opinion, grenades are too weak and expensive. It couldnt doo a big damdge dont to my enemy and dont to me. For example: my sniper have 170 health points and head armor 14, its mean that 4 grenades will do 36+39+42+45=162 damage and he will live until he will bleeded. Enemys with mashin guns wich do 50 damage 6 times are more dangerous. Also, cost of each grenade the same such have magazin of heavy gun.

  I think, Grenades must be high explosive and have 100-120 damage or 15-20 armor shredering or be stune grenades and it cost must have 1/3 and have shance to stun enemy.

Better and more varied grenades are indeed needed. Even at 20% mist level it is a bit risible when a couple crab-lads can still move/shoot back after 2 hand grenades explode point-blank on them.


I agree. Don’t really care about damage from grenades because they seem to be more like utility items. Especially with the fire grenade, that can block off pathways to hold back enemies, or poison grenades that can do a lot of delayed damage. I think the base grenade should therefore be focused on armour stripping and maybe given a stun effect too.

At the moment, I think it’s got a 3-5 armour strip. It really could do with a 15-20 strip. Especially since they’re limited use and cost so much to make.

Though, I think the grenade launcher heavy weapon should be more damage focused. Perhaps still having 5-10 armour stripping but also doing a good 50-80 damage to every body part.

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I view them more in terms of their utility, and less about their killing power. A well placed grenade can eliminate the terrain they are hiding behind, while also doing a little damage and lowering armor on all parts. This makes it easier for the rest of the team to kill them because it can open up LOS from multiple angles and does a little bit of armor shred, and can make a huge difference.

When used on you in burst by chitons, you’ll realize how OP the alien version is when your weapon breaks. Player version is weak though since it cannot be spammed like aliens do.

Odin grenades seem weak, but they are actually quite good vs enemies at the beginning. They can hit 4 or more enemies at once and multiple (most likely 5 or so) body parts on them. So let say you have 3 enemies and you hit 4 body parts on each of them. Let say that starting enemies have 10 armor at average. It means that you hit 3 enemies * 4 body parts * 40 damage. It is 480 damage to all body parts on them and probably some disabling with 1 grenade. Yes each of them will have only 40 damage taken from general HP pool but then even the weakest auto burst will take any of them out. Or you throw second grenade and you watch them being eradicated. Just for 24 materials and 2 tech.

Of course with just one enemy standing before you, they seem weak, but they are designed to crowd control. They are not main weapon which you toss like in FiraXCOM.

Later on you need to use other grenades, because enemy has evolved and Odin grenades become insufficient. You need to research and adapt to enemy. But this is another matter.

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I guess that many people don’t understand how grenades work actually and that they affect all body parts in their blast area.

I dont use grenades just because they are expensive and have not enough efficiently for their cost. Better to sell them)

The fact they stink at destroying cover definitely renders them too expensive for being one time use items that only do like 3 damage.