Good feedback from Mariss

Yes, i know he speaks too much, his english is not perfect, and this video could be shorter, but he is on point with quite a lot of things, definitely something Devs should take a look at.

1 hour… I don’t have time to watch recent videos from Retcon… then this one? Maybe later.

First 10 minutes 8 points - only 1 was really an issue and 1 would be nice addition. I’m not sure I want to continue watching it.

he started with less important points, critical ones are at the end. And yes, its long, but this is not supposed to be feedback for players, but for developers.

Mmm as a player Im’ concerned when i disagree. But I won’t comment, too many weak points that are too much details. Seriously, he has problem with research time, lol.

It is hard to listen to him and it is not because of his english. His arguments are like “that is fucked up, because it doesn’t suit me” and almost all sound like “Soups was little bit too salty, but I enjoyed it, that is bullshit, why I even enjoyed it… shit shit shit, I must make a comment that I enjoyed salty soup, but can I ask question why? Why there is even salt in the kitchen?”

Of course there are 16 of those 33 points which hit the point. They can be grouped as some general issues:

no info/missing features:

  • 2 (this could be explained in tutorial with a mention that more details can be found in phoenixpedia - it should be there)
  • 15+21+22 (just bad or inaccurate desriptions of skills, no reason to split it to 3 different points)
  • 17 (some additional button or keyboard shortcut could be nice, but is missing)
  • 20 (items sorting is missing, right now they are sorted by their faction alignment, type of item and database name)
  • 27 (maybe he should plug his keyboard to the PC? There is only rebinding missing, but keyboard has many binds which are useful) :slight_smile:
  • 28 (disabling automatic unpausing could be useful)

too much hidden things:

  • 3 (accuracy is mainly based on the weapon, not the skills, and I’m not sure why he really needs that info, but well, yes this could be shown sumarized on the character screen)

balance things:

  • 9+31+32 (I wouldn’t say grenade are useless, but yes they could use balancing things, the same with melee and acid, but I don’t see them as useless and game breaking)
  • 26 (skills need additional balance, not just only Priest)
  • 30 (venom torso could use some boost, but really is it his major concern about the game?)
  • 33 (vehicles are situational, but yes they could also use some care)


  • 14 (definitely bug or at least lack of explanation why it is no longer available)

All other point are just gibberish… Isn’t this the same guy who commented for over 40 minutes last patch?

Point 23 is just essence of this whole commentary… Mech Arms doesn’t mention there is an attack with it? For love of god, and what are those statistics above? The same as he has a problem with Decoy. That skill rescued my soldiers couple of times - I don’t see it as garbage.

He said bad things about decoy?
This single skill changed the outcome of “Project Vulture” from “squad wipe” to “no casualties”. It was the one thing that saved 2/3 of my guys from death on this crucial turn.


Yeah. This guy has some real issues and they are not the game itself.

The thing that has issues is the game not the guy (however you are able to make this judgement from this video i can’t see).

I can agree with some points which is fine for me, the others i just ignore and hey, there aren’t a lot of videos to PP to be honest.

User Interface, inventory(management), tooltips and game explanation are missing or broken for the most part. Some information is completely useless and maybe a hint that there was something planned for it but not included (hafen-info, defenders-strength… maybe faction soldiers on defense-maps?).
And even if these things are minor, i wonder if you would accept this basic stuff in any other game you paid for?

Nevertheless, night-shift allows to watch even lengthy videos sometimes and i’ll watch the combat-issue-video if it’s online, too.

Game too has issues, but not with all he has mentioned. Believe me. Sometimes it just looks like he is making it just to be able to present something. I could create something similar like “Why this button has red label instead of blue?”

Second part is up - this time combat: