Petty GUI/QoL suggestions

First off, You have all done an absolutely amazing job on the Phoenix Point project! Bah to all the nay-sayers! Some of these kids don’t understand what actually goes into a program like this, and since they don’t understand all the hard work, they can’t appreciate that some small things slip through the cracks- if it were perfect, well, look at Mass Effect 3 & Andromeda; great games, too many colicky babies with a keyboard.
I have thoroughly enjoyed getting my butt smacked around in the backer builds and now the “final” product, but have come up with a request for some lipstick and eyeliner:
1st: Slightly better ability descriptions. I picked up a Priest the other night, and he had a rank 1 ability, mounted weapon proficiency. So of course I start jumping for joy and equip him with a heavy armor and try to give him a THOR 2… but he’s not trained to use it? So, does that mean he is proficient in the literal sense of mounted weapons on a vehicle? Or perhaps he can use a deployed turret? Or is it just a simple “oops?”
2nd: I also recruited another soldier just seconds after him, and was disappointed when the new guy had 2 sequential abilities, 5 & 6, where his accuracy was increased by 20%, damage decreased by 10%, and Damage increased by 30%, accuracy decreased by 20%… If time permits, could we not see these two together if one is offered? :slight_smile:

3rd: More colors for the opposition showing status effects; i.e. red= OPFOR, blue=stunned, green=paralyzed, etc.
4th: Ranks optionally always displayed on all members of the fireteam on a mission.
5th: To go hand in hand with #3, display current EXP during missions so we can “try” to get as many people leveled on the same mission and spread the “love.”
6th: As part of having a trade agreement with a certain faction, perhaps offer the ability to sell, say, New Jericho mist diffusers? On the same point, once we complete the mission for Synedrion why don’t THEY use mist diffusers???
7th: “Evac All” please! Not as fun with an 8-wo/man fireteam!!!
8th: PLEASE let us zoom further in on all of these baddies during missions so we can revel in the quality of detail the artists have put in!!!

 Big, long list of "please cater to my needs," I know... But I abhor people who can complain about something, yet not come up with a solution to fix it. You have all done absolutely fantastic work, and I have not been let down for my decision to back this development!

Thank you all for your very hard work, and I look forward to (at the very minimum) next 4 DLCs!!!