New player, feedback

Hey hi,

First of all, wow this game is freaking amazing! Haven’t seen such a brave and yet successful concept in years.

What is bothering me the most is:

  • why unity? Graphics is not exactly great.
  • not really noob friendly. Game adds some new concept to turn-based world but does not present them in intuitive manner. I had to read a wall of text guide here (excelent one btw) to start understanding the mechanics. That’s when i fell in love tbh. But are there any plans to make the presentation layer somewhat more intuitive?
  • this goes to legacy too. Which proficiency i need for pistols? For shootguns? Additional proficiency vs. dual proficiency. How much ammo do i hace? Etc.
  • game is unpolished. It almost feels like development hit some obstructions in design (unity issues?), or they grew tired or whatevet but altogether game need a lot more work e.g. vehicle can’t reload in mission, no vehicle customisation whatsoever…

Are there still plans for Steam release? Is the game still actively being developed? I saw dlcs but i mean, is the main game being worked on?

What I love about game:

  • deep mechanics
  • immersive
  • storytelling that is simillar to sci-fi books and not movies
  • soundstrack. Effects not so much
  • no rng. This should have been first.
  • intelligent game design (that actually works) overall
  • ballistics!
  • ai is quite good
  • artworks
  • missions design and diversity (very smart)
  • vehicles
  • no time pressure on tactical map
  • ability to aim body parts and respective damage impact
  • many many more

Best luck!

Unity was the engine we used in our previous title, Chaos Reborn. It is what the team were used to using, and what the prototype for Phoenix Point was developed in. The original scope for Phoenix Point wasn’t as big as it eventually became, but as the project grew we were already committed to using Unity. There would have been significant further delays and costs to rebuild in another engine.

Yes, we have lots of plans to overhaul the tutorials and in-game help.

Vehicles were never designed to be reloaded in mission - it would make them too powerful. Customisation for vehicles was never something that we planned.

Yes. We will still be releasing on Steam and GOG after our Epic Games exclusivity period. We’re still actively improving the core game, and we’ve already delivered several updates to change and improve core mechanics along with adding free additional content. We also have plans for more future changes based on player feedback.

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@UnstableVoltage I do hope vehicles will get some love in the future, at the moment their opportunity cost is just way too high compared to taking along a few mid level troops. and the heavy options like vehicles was something that attracted me to the game. I’d love to field them more often if they where even close to competing with the soldiers.

@Antinjo32, @VOLAND will be happy to hear his guide was helpful to a new player. About the development the devs have a whole roadmap set up and have stated they want to support (and keep tweaking) the game for a period of 2 years. in my opinion the game is a real diamond in the rough, currently…in my opinion…marred more by balance problems then anything else.

I would recommending checking out the “Feedback Tool”

Yes, exactly, that was the guide from Voland. Comprehensive, detailed and on target. Enjoyed reading it, thanks for that!

As for the vehicles, I do understand the argument for not making them op, but doing that by not alowing reload seems arbitrary and hurried. If vehicles would be flashed out a bit more it would allow for a more meaningful balancing. E.g. they fire only single rocket, or less damage per rocket or smaller range. Even with limitted ammo vehicle is super strong - where my 6 man crew failed, vehicle did quick job almost single handedly.

Thanks for your reply guys and I will be checking feedback tool.

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My pleasure! Glad you liked it :blush:

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