Game Freezes on Mission Ending

I am encountering a persistent and repeatable bug where the game freezes if the last enemy is killed when it’s not my turn. I am running Steam Year One Edition, all DLC enabled, latest version (1.10).

Any time the last enemy is killed while it’s not my turn, the game freezes. Sometimes, the “PANDORAN ACTIVITY” banner stays up, and sometimes the camera is free to pan/rotate. If the GUI was visible, it becomes invisible. I cannot bring up the menu via escape. I have submitted a ticket using F10. Other than that, all I can do is alt-f4.

This is repeatable and seems to be quite common (every few missions). I have experienced this due to return fire, overwatch, poison/bleed, and another faction mind controlling the last Pandoran.

I saw that there was a similar issue that was marked as fixed.

Anyone else experience this? Any idea what I can do?