Game resolution on gamepass is 0Hz

Hi there!

I’ve bought Phoenix Point on the Epic store and it runs like a dream!

It became available on Game Pass Ultimate shortly after release so I thought I would install that too because of the achievements. The problem is it runs really bad on the GP ultimate version.
I cross checked all the settings and realized that the resolution on the epic store copy is 1920 x 1080 @ 119Hz whereas the GP ultimate is 1920 x 1080 @ 0Hz (I can’t change the Hz at all).

They’re both on the same version 1.0.58929 but the epic store has EGS after the version number and GP ultimate has WSA.

Is there any way to increase the Hz in the GP ultimate version to make the game play as it should?

Note that five of the achievements are unobtainable and have been since release:

  • all five different endings: the failed ending doesn’t register in the tracker.

  • use every character skill, stuck at 93%

  • manufacture all items

  • research all phoenix projects

  • research all projects (due to above)

The last four are possibly due to phoenix items, including research not being tracked when completed.

All these are documented in


Thank you!

I’ll bear that in mind when the Hz issue has been fixed.

These are being looked into,

However, for “All Possibilities” the “failed” ending doesn’t count. Synedrion has two different ending possibilities depending on who you side with.

Thanks Kevin for that insight, I’ll attempt another run with PP and update with findings here and on the community sites.

Have PP always had 2 endings or is that due to DLC?


Two “sub-factions” were there from the beginning. Terraformers and Polyphonic Tendency had different missions and dialogues in the full release in December.

Update - I redid the two Synedrion endings
(siding with Terraformers and Polyphonic Tendency respectively). This resulted in two different end missions:

Terraformer path: His Masters Tools

Polyphonic path: Liberty or Death

Still didn’t unlock the different endings achievement, progress tracker still stuck at 80%