Contemplating buying platinum edition (computer specs enough?)

Hello, fan of Xcom here and Phoenix Point looks great. I am contemplating buying the platinum edition to gain access to the pre-release build but I am not sure if it will run well on my computer. Perhaps someone has similar specs and can give me some information about how well it runs on your computer.

My specs:
970GTX 4GB
i7-2600K 3.4GHz

I am using 1080p resolution.

Kind Regards

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The GPU is a little lower than the currently recommended spec ( 1070 GTX ), but your CPU is much better. It should run just fine - but as we’re still in development and working on the optimization, your current mileage may vary.

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Ok thanks for the answer, I will think about it. Are there settings (low, medium, high, etc.) in the pre-release or is it without graphical settings?

The current build just has potato and epic presets (so really low or really high). The next build (September 3rd) will have graphics options.


And the recommended specs, are they for Potato or Epic presets?

Recommended are for epic.

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Ok! Great!

I have Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 for recommended settings will go?AMD 1400 processor

TBH, I have tried both and I use potato, as only difference is a few special effect, and as someone who makes them, I don’t really need them.

I have a GTX 950, and runs fine enough, really. An i5 with 2.3 ghz. Nothing fancy, but good enough

You sir, give me hope I will actually be able to play it. :grin:

I have it too and I play unoptimized build smoothly on fantastic (epic) settings. Only time when I have frame rate drops are when destruction physics are working. But it probably my CPU is not fast enough. It is some old i5 (I don’t remember which generation).

Of course! I’m one of those that do think graphics might be very important, games that use a huge scale, like God of War; a particular setting, like Bioshock Infinite; or an even particularier visual, like Dragon Ball FighterZ, all these need strong graphic components.

However, Phoenix Point will be much more about subtil hints, the lore behind it, the fear of what you cannot see, etc. For these, uber graphics are not that important.

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I have an i3-9100 and no graphics card. I play in 1280x1024.

Yes I know, I can’t put max graphics on XCOM/XCOM2, which is a shame but I am more into how the game plays. After all, my favorite EA NHL game was NHL94 and it’s not even 3D.

The game runs pretty well in “Spectacular” except when there is a big explosion. I should give “Potato mode” a try to see the difference.