Get Phoenix Point through Xbox GamePass Ultimate


Microsoft announced that Phoenix Point will be available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to play on PC.
I installed the epic launcher, linked me epic account to my xbox live account but I still have to pay for phoenix point. Is the game not available at day 1?

Thanks for help guys

I believe PP will be available on Microsoft store on PC game pass within a few days/week, I feel this is understandable and only fair as the backers paid to play and MS game pass will basically be free. I dont mind waiting, I just wish there was some announcement for when PP will be available on MS Store!

My understanding is that the game is awaiting certification so it should hopefully soon

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Yeah, I was just reading up on the process of MS Certification, a patch can take about a week so god knows how long a game will take and from how it reads if it doesn’t meet standards with the amount of bugs etc it may not be available until its patched up! Though to be fair this is from 2018 so may be different now!

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