Differences between soldiers of each faction

I wonder if there will be some other differences than skills and equipment regarding soldiers from different factions. Will Anu have better strength and perception in night time, will Synedrion have better aim or proficiency with high tech equipment or be more stealthy? Will New Jericho have better willpower than other soldiers? Or will they be just same basic random statistics and they will vary just by class and equipment?

I think it would be good to see at least some stat differences between the factions as you have mentioned. Aim, better weapons, maybe better agility (move 2 squares extra), maybe even extra 1 armour plate etc. As long as they are only marginal improvements and do not make one faction OP compared to the rest.

with regards to equipment, the PX armour will be lighter in weight and more mobile than the NJ armour, but not as resistant to damage

As to the differences the other factions bring, no idea

I guess the other way they could chose to go…
If they find that one factions stat difference turns out to be slightly OP in testing… and another’s makes that faction weaker to play, they could leave them in the game as ‘easy’ ‘normal’ and ‘hard’ modes.